Will Your Child Enjoy Summer Camp?

Did you go to summer camp when you were a youngster? If the answer is yes, you are like millions of other individuals.

Now as a parent, the choice is up to you if you decide to send your son or daughter off to summer camp.

So, what will your decision be?

Many Advantages Heading off to Camp

In thinking about to send your child to camp, remember these advantages in having them attend:

  1. Learning – Although there’s much to teach your child in and out of school, camp can be great. From how to master activities to working with others, your child learns away from home. You want your loved one to have fun. That said to have them learn new skills and get along well with other kids are both pluses in the camp experience.
  2. Independence – Depending on their age, he or she may experience their first real time away. As such, it is important that they appreciate the opportunity given to them. For many kids in this situation, it is not uncommon to get homesick. That said going off to and surviving summer camp can lead to a great feeling of independence for your young one.
  3. Location – Some camp locations stand out from others. Whether to attend Colorado Academy summer camps or another, appreciate the opportunity. Along with some great scenery at some venues, your child can appreciate all that nature has to offer them.
  4. Memories – Last, imagine some of the great memories your son or daughter will bring home with them. From a new activity or two to making friends that could last for years, the opportunities are there. Best of all, your child will in all hopes have had the chance to grow up a little bit. Sure, you don’t want them growing up too fast. That said to know that he or she is a little wiser and even a little happier, what parent would not want that?

Don’t Worry as a Parent

When you send your young one off to camp, there may be some hesitation on your part of parting company for a week or more.

With that being the case, it is important that you remember why they head to camp in the first place.

To start, you want your child to do more than sit around the house or the pool all summer at home. If they are doing the former, there is a good chance that they are in front of a computer or even on a mobile device.

Second, getting to meet and interact with other kids is important for your child.

He or she will need to learn relationship skills as they progress through school and out into the world one day. Being at camp can help them in getting to work with others and even make new friendships that could last years.

Yes, you may worry about them being homesick or even getting a few scrapes here and there.

That said there’s a very good chance your child will enjoy and benefit by summer camp. Heck, it will likely give both of you a little time alone before the next family trip that will reunite everyone.

So, are you ready to send them packing?


Photo credit: Mathew Ingram on Flickr. CC-BY-2.0.

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