3 Wonderful UK Destinations For The Family Holidays


Cornwall is beautiful with its scintillating coastline, jaw dropping beaches, azure skies, quaint seaside villages and towering cliffs with secret valleys make a suitable destination for the most memorable family holiday destination. Almost 80% of Cornwall is surrounded by water and boasts of the longest and most dramatic coastline in UK.

For family beach fun you are spoilt for choice as you have over three hundred beaches to choose from; the Porthcuno Beach which is located near Lands End is ideal for those that love the sun, awe inspiring cliffs topped up vibrant colorful flowers. Widemouth near Bude on the other hand is an ideal family beach with lengthy uninterrupted sandy coastline, glowing spectacular sunsets, and beautiful cliff walks and dotted with rock pools. During summer life guards are available to ensure safety.

Accommodation is also as varied as its pride landscapes ranging from luxurious hotels to self catering cottages and even boutique hotels with chic vintage elegance.


The Cotswolds attracts a lot of visitors both local and international due to its pure natural beauty coupled with quaint little villages, rich heritage and history. It is an ideal holiday destination for the family as it has something for everyone to enjoy. The Cotswolds National Park welcomes you to its beautiful gardens and is ideal for a family day out and picnics.

The Cotswold Water Park is the largest in UK and offers tranquil environment to lay back and relax. There are waterside log cabins situated in this area all differing in size, shape and design each unique to cater special family needs. This is an area where you can enjoy family walks together, do some fishing or just go out to the villages and explore. It is the perfect place for a luxury short break in the UK with the family.

Gloucester is another beautiful region in Cotswolds that offers great family getaways. With secluded cost effective log cabins which have magnificent views of either a fishing lake or a lush green rolling countryside, there is no reason you shouldn’t holiday here. They have comfortable furnishings and highly equipped kitchens and even hot tubs to relax after a long day visiting the honey colored villages or exploring the spectacular landscapes.


Scotland has rich history of which most is still living; this history is beautifully represented by the numbers of incredible stately homes and castles which bring out the culture and heritage of a gone era. Your family will enjoy staying in one of the most majestic pieces of history that will not only make them feel like royalty but also create such an unforgettable experience. There is a huge array of this kind of property, some of which are stately homes, with others that are  just grand old buildings which make for the perfect group accommodation in Scotland.

The Dumfries House is one of Britain’s most beautiful well preserved and best kept heritage secret, this will be an ideal treat for your family. Another great option is the Allowa Tower which is one of the largest medieval tower houses which is majestically set in beautiful rural surroundings. The House of Bins is another exciting option and is not only spacious but has some of the oldest pieces of vintage furniture and sequence of portraits of the Dalyells’ family.

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