4 Items to Make Your Special Woman Truly Happy

If you are looking to make the special woman in your life as happy as possible, what’s your first step?

Although you may already shower her with a variety of gifts, some will likely end up being more special than others.

For many guys out there, this can mean oftentimes buying her flowers, some candy, clothing, items for her apartment or house, and even taking her on a weekend getaway.

Now, those are all great selections, but what about some jewelry?

If you’re one of those guys afraid of what exactly to pick out for her in terms of jewelry, why is that?

In today’s digital age, there is a myriad of information both on and offline available to you, information that can help make jewelry purchases and acquisitions of other items easier said than done.

So, what truly makes your special woman happy? 

Buying Fun and Excitement for the Woman in Your Life

So that you give her a nice assortment of gifts over time, here are four items that should definitely ring a bell with her:

  1. Jewelry

What woman doesn’t like to find new jewelry every so often in her life?

If you end up buying a ring or two for her (perhaps even that special ring so many women covet), take some time to make your decision.

You’re typically best-served when you have her along for the ride, letting her choose something that she will truly like to show on her hand each and every day.

In looking at diamond rings, choosing carat weight for your diamonds might be something you are not all that familiar with. As such, take into account things such as your jewelry budget, her finger size etc.

Once the decision has been made on a ring or other piece of jewelry, she should be more than happy to not only show it off, but tell the world who gave it to her.

  1. Spa visit

If you have a special woman who truly works hard, nothing is usually more appreciated than a day at her favorite spa, be it in the Los Angeles area or anywhere in the country for that matter.

In making this selection, you of course can consider joining her for a couple’s day at the spa, though it may be good to just let her have some free time to herself or with her mom, sister, best girlfriend etc.

No matter who ends up going, make sure it is a day where she can get away and forget about her daily challenges that is at least for a few hours.

  1. Weekend getaway

What couple doesn’t like to have the occasional weekend getaway?

If you are one of those couples, put your thinking cap on today so you can start planning on where to take her for an upcoming weekend.

One of the great things about weekend getaways (for both of you) is that you remove yourselves from the daily grind, albeit for 48 hours or so.

That said it is still nice to be out of town, experiencing new or favorite activities, and realizing that you are truly lucky to have found one another.

  1. Communication

Okay, it is typically going to be hard to find communication for sale at a spa, at any weekend getaway destination, and even in a jewelry store.

That being the case, open communication is one of the best things you can give to the special woman in your life.

By always keeping the lines of communication open, couples stand a much better chance of being together for the long run.

Sure, some may say that communication isn’t as exciting as a shiny new ring, a relaxing spa, even a weekend out of town.

What communication does mean, however, is that the two of you are always talking, including talking through any problems.

When all is said and done, she likely knows she has a great guy (you) in her life, but making her truly happy does even more to reinforce that feeling.

As a guy, what do you try and do to make the special woman in your life truly happy?


Photo credit: Thomas Wanhoff on Flickr. CC-BY-SA-2.0


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