4 Types of Custom Signs and Banners For Any Occasion

If you are looking to purchase a custom sign or banner, you may be surprised to learn that there is a great variety of sign materials available.  It can be hard to choose what type of sign to have made so it is helpful to partner with a company that has experience in the sign industry.  By working with a sign company to design your custom banners and signs, they can help guide you in choosing the best material based on the location of your sign.  For example, if you plan to place your banner outside, some material will withstand the elements of nature better than others.  Here are 4 types of custom signs and banners that are available.

1.  Custom Vinyl

Vinyl is a great choice when it comes to creating a custom sign.  A vinyl banner is available in a multitude of colors, sizes and styles.  It is even easy to put a custom logo on vinyl.  One of the benefits of choosing a vinyl sign is that it can be place indoors or outdoors.  Vinyl material is extremely durable and holds up well in extreme sunlight.  You will be surprised that the color on a vinyl sign is resistant to fading over long lengths of time.  Here are a few more benefits of vinyl:

  • Price – high quality vinyl is affordable.  New technological developments have made it easy to create good quality vinyl.
  • Flexibility – vinyl allows you the flexibility to choose any size of sign or banner.  You can easily apply vinyl to any glass surface such as an automobile rear window or business window.
  • Easy replacement – if you need to change your sign or banner for promotional reasons or factual information changes, vinyl is easy to remove and quickly replace.

2.  Carved Signs

If you are looking to create a sign with a particular shape or form, carved signs may be the right fit.  Carved signs can be made from solid wood or urethane sign foam.  If you are looking to create a carved sign, be sure to select a company that has experience in manufacturing high quality signs.  You may not be familiar with sign foam but some of the benefits are that it is waterproof, bug proof and split and warp resistant.  These are huge benefits if you plan on placing your sign outdoors for a long period of time.

3.  Illuminated Signs

The number one reason for choosing illuminated signs is the ability to advertise your company at any hour of the day and night.  Illuminated signs are extremely helpful in advertising your business.  Potential customers are able to see your sign from great distances and the lights help attract customers.  When purchasing an illuminated sign, be sure that the sign meets specific safety requirements and that the bulbs are easy to change.

4.  Metal Signs

Metal can offer a certain level of professionalism and sophistication to any sign.  You may have seen metal letters atop a trendy café or restaurant or in front of a well-known law firm or other reputable business.  You may choose to create a metal sign due to the durability and architectural beauty this material provides.

There are many types of materials to choose from when creating custom banners and signs. Make sure to do some research to learn about additional sign materials and to find out which type will be best for your custom sign or banner.

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