5 Beautiful Christmas Gift Ideas for your Wife

It’s that time again; time to find the perfect gift for your wife… a gift that will express the depth of your love while bringing a smile to her lovely lips! While jewelry, clothing, furniture, technology, and luggage/handbags are always appreciated, quality time with you is something she’s sure to treasure. The following ideas are “couple gifts”, designed to bring joy into your time together!

Jewelry and Wine

Plan a special date. Take your wife to the cafe where you went on your first date, or that elegant restaurant where you proposed. The evening together is your gift… then surprise her with a small wrapped package from Michael Hill Jewellers. Add extra romance to the night by presenting an anniversary ring, beautiful diamond earrings, or a charming necklace that expresses just how much you love and appreciate her!

12317646_1Clothing and Winter Nights

Never quite sure what to buy, and afraid that you might offend her with the wrong size? Then why not give your wife a gift card to her favorite store… coupled with a night out together? Selecting the right outfit becomes that much more delightful when you are there to help decide. Top off the winter outing with a hot toddy in your favorite tavern.

Furniture and Polish

Whether it’s time to purchase a new sofa or remodel the bath, give a gift that’s centered on a shopping excursion both of you will appreciate. Present your wife with an envelope containing a photo of what you need for your home. Tie a satin ribbon around the “gift” and tuck it between the Christmas tree’s branches. Once again, she’s certain to appreciate your thoughtfulness while looking ahead to the shopping adventure. Be sure to schedule a date, so that the purchase isn’t delayed. Another beautiful gift that you will both enjoy!

The Latest Device

Most women are well aware of the latest devices on the market, yet every wife has a different idea about what she needs to help organize her busy life. Clip out a few photos and get ready to shop… just the two of you. Spend a pleasant Sunday afternoon roaming the closest tech store, or surfing for the right gift on the net. Remember to leave the kids at home, or hire a sitter. This is your time together, and your wife is certain to appreciate your attention and thoughtfulness!

Luggage and Handbags

Select the bag that she’s had her eye on but, before you wrap it, tuck tickets for a weekend get-away (or reservations for the cruise you’ve been dreaming of) into the inner pocket. Once she’s done exclaiming over the handbag, suggest that she look inside. This two-in-one gift is sure to be a favorite, and you’ll both enjoy a second honeymoon! And, if your budget is tight, consider a couple’s message, or invest in movie passes.

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the gift and the expense, forgetting that the true meaning of the holidays is in the closeness that you share with your wife. What every woman wants is time with her husband. Extend the pleasure of Christmas Day into the months that follow. After the flurry of activity, you’ll both benefit from time away from responsibilities when the most beautiful gift of all is your presence!




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