5 Easy Ways to Save Money Every Day

There’s no black art to saving money; it’s simply a matter of focusing on a few good money management habits, and putting them into practise consistently. It does require discipline, and a little staying power, but most people find it easy to stick to their savings plans once they start to see the build up in their transaction accounts. It might help to set up a specialised savings account. Many banks, such as Bank of Queensland, allow you to directly connect a high interest savings account directly to your everyday BOQ bank account.

If you’re worried your budget might be too tight to save anything, check out the tips below to learn 5 easy ways to save every day.

DIY Lunch

Do you buy your lunch? Did you know that packing your own lunch for work can save you around $3,000 a year? That’s a pretty good saving, and even if you only buy your lunch every other day, you can still make a difference to your bottom line.

Other BYOs

Other do it yourself items include coffee and bottled water. Takeaway coffee is a daily ritual for most people, but with a travel mug in hand you can make your own at home and take it with you. This can save you around $1,000 a year – and, bonus, you can get your coffee exactly how you like it instead of risking your caffeine fix on the day’s new barista at your regular stop.

Power Drain

Leaving appliances plugged in when they aren’t in use can cost you more when it comes to your power bill. Of course there are some electrical items where this just cannot be helped, like your fridge and freezer, but what about your computer? Does it really need to be plugged in to the mains and turned on all the time? If you go through your house you’ll see that quite a few items can be unplugged at the mains, and this will save you money each day. In the same vein, ensure all lights are turned off when no one is using them, and the same goes for any fans or air conditioning units.

Wear Out Your Library Card

Instead of wearing out your data limit on your current plan, try exploring the options at your local library. Most libraries offer a lot more than books these days; they have DVDs, games, comics, and magazines. If you’re sick of paying late fees to your local DVD outlet, it may be time to visit your library. They rarely have the latest movies in stock, but you’ll most likely find something to watch. Libraries often carry the DVD sets of well known TV shows as well.

Become A Last Minute Shopper

If you leave your grocery shopping to the last minute there’s a good chance you’ll rush through it, spending far less time meandering along the aisles and buying ‘off-list’ items. Better still, buy your goods online and pick them up – preferably without going into the main part of the grocery store at all. That way you’re far less likely to purchase items you don’t really need.

Saving money works best when you implement it as a daily habit. If you do it regularly and with discipline, seeking the best option for your bank balance will soon become second nature.

How many other ways can you think of to save money on a daily basis? Let others know in the comments box below.

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