5 Essential Comfort Pieces for Any Child’s Room

If your children’s rooms are properly furnished, then they should have all the absolute bedroom essentials, such as a bed and closet. But when it comes to the extra little something special, both for your kids as well as for yourselves, there are a few comfort pieces that can make the children’s bedrooms look great while keeping tidy. These are our favorite five:

  • Touches of Interior Design

Unfortunately, most parents don’t focus on creating a great space for kids that express their personality and interests through bedroom decor. In reality – the investment on the parent’s end can be minimal. Even small additions to a room can be a great way to make the room look fun and burst with creativity! A great example are these adorable “kids’ bedroom essential” pieces from Urbanara (especially that Singoli Giraffe Head!). You can create any sort of environment to spark the kids’ imaginations – from an exotic savannah to a trip out to sea. With only a few items and a touch of love and attention, the children’s bedroom goes from drab to fun!

  • Keeping Comfort with Rugs

Rugs have the ability to bring a room together by becoming a key focal point. Most importantly in this case, they’re a superb addition for children’s playtime. A rug allows children to play on the floor without necessarily having their knees and feet on the cold, hard ceramic floor. There are a wide variety of rugs you can select that will match your kid’s interests and desired color palette, and you can also select them based on texture. You may want to look at tasteful rugs that are 100% new wool – they are soft but firm, so they will stay in place and not cause any slippage. If you’re in the market, Urbanara has a great selection of colorful rugs that are perfect for kids’ rooms.

  • Creative Corner

All kids love to color and paint. It’s not only a great activity and helpful to their development, it also keeps them busy and away from the television. Making a creative coloring and painting corner is not difficult, nor should it be expensive (check out this amazing example!). Collect all the Crayolas, paint and markers you have bought over the years and neatly place them in buckets or another organization system. Set up a small table and print or prepare activities, such as paint by color, coloring books and so on. Every so often, give them a new activity, like asking them to draw you a picture of dragons and castles or holiday-themed drawings.


  • Easy Organization System

Children are naturally messy only if we allow them to act that way. If they are taught to keep everything neat and organized and feel obliged to tidy up after themselves, they will do so with little hesitation. However, they also need to have a place to put their junk away – especially since over time, the amount of toys they have keeps building up as they receive more gifts. To make it easier for them, set up a handy organization system that is labeled and reachable. For example, you could have a box that is only for plushy toys, while Legos go in another box. Not only will the kids feel more comfortable in their own room, it also decreases your clean-up workload!

  • The Grown-up Nightstand

Inspiring children to read is important, but giving them the tools to do is vital in ensuring that you raise little book worms. Nightstands are great for keeping a night lamp and storing their books. Schedule bed time half an hour before lights-out and let your kids read a book in bed for that last half hour. It tires them out in preparation for sleeping, especially in comparison to a Smartphone which will keep them awake due to the bright light. Kids can also use to the nightstand to store their important goodies and anything they need within reachable distance.

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