5 Fun Uses for Children’s Socks

If you have kids, it is inevitable that things will get lost. It’s as if there is a black hole looming above your home that sucks up random items when you least expect it. Your keys. Their socks. Your sanity. Eventually, many of the things that get sucked up into the black hole are spit back out. You might find your lost earring in the bowl that goes to the mixer. Or a missing toy stuffed in the pocket of your suitcase. But what can you do with all of the mismatched socks that are never reunited with their long lost mates long after you have bought replacements? Here are five fun uses for childrens socks.

1. Suds Things Up

Bath time is always more fun with tub toys. But when it comes to soaping up? Younger kids fight this endlessly. Using nothing more than an oval shaped bar of soap, a needle and thread and a brightly colored sock, you can win the battle by making a Sudsy Sock Fish. Here’s how:

  • Turn sock inside out
  • Sew a few small stiches just above the toe seam to make eyes ( toe seam will look like mouth when complete)
  • Right side out the sock
  • Insert soap in toe
  • Tie off end to secure the soap and create a tail

An added bonus: the sock will make it easier for little hands to grip the soap without it slipping away.

2. Fe-line Frisky

With a slight variation, you can turn the Sock Fish into a Sock Mouse for your favorite feline. Instead of using soap, place catnip inside the sock and secure it. Add a couple of jingle bells to resemble ears and your furry friend will get frisky in a hurry!

3. Keep it Clean

If you want your children to get more involved in housework, socks are a great way to do this. Give them an old sock to place on one hand and a bottle of furniture polish for the other. They will have a great time dusting and polishing your furniture. For added fun, you can turn the cleaning chores into a game of Spotless Simon Says. For instance, “Spotless Simon says dust bookshelf using only up and down motions.”

4. Stick ‘Em Up

Making sock puppets is nothing new. But for a fun new twist on an old classic, however, you might want to try making stick puppets instead of hand puppets. You will need small Styrofoam balls, wooden dowels, old socks, a paper cup and various notions for decorating.

  • Decide what you want to make (rabbit, dragon, dog, etc.)
  • Push a dowel at slight angle into a Styrofoam ball.
  • Pull the sock over the ball.
  • Glue googly eyes, pom-poms, felt and any other notions you want on the sock.
  • Cut slits on the sock head and push pipe cleaner or cardboard ears into the ball.
  • Stuff the neck of the sock puppet with batting.
  • Poke a hole in the bottom of a paper cup and slide it onto the stick to hold the batting in place.
  • Get Cold Feet

When older kids start to whine that there is nothing to do in the summer, the Cold Feet Game is a great boredom buster. Grab a handful of childrens socks and dip them in water. Place two socks each in Ziploc bags and place them in the freezer. Give a frozen bag to each kid (or even Mom and Dad!). The first person to get the socks out of the bag and successfully put them on their feet is the winner!

Jen is a writer for the Sprightly Shopper and likes to write about fashion and style in her free time.

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