5 Most Scenic Cycling Roads in the World

To fully appreciate soaring mountain peaks, spectacular plunging waterfalls, ancient cultures or winding scenic routes, cycling is by far the best mode of transport you could choose. Being at ground level and passing close to these natural wonders will give you a full appreciation of the boundless beauty that you will pass through at every turn of the pedal.

Route des Grand Crus, Burgundy, France

The Road of the Great Wines will take you through some of the most breath-taking scenery in Europe. Cycling your way through vineyards covering the rolling hills, it will hard not to give into temptation and stop at one of the many wineries dotted throughout this region. Break your cycle journey up into many days to cover the 800 kilometres of bikeways or opt for a shorter trip to the small towns of Aloxe Corton or Mersault.

Jeju, South Korea

Circumnavigation of this island is a breeze with 182 kilometres of smooth cycling tracks circling this naturally beautiful island. Coastal breezes will caress you as you follow Highway 12, which has dedicated cycle lanes on both sides of the highway. Take your own bike or rent a bike from Yongduam Rock or Jeju City. Depending on your fitness and skill level, the complete circumnavigation will take three to five days.

The Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia

If you have no doubts about your fitness level, try this 243 kilometre winding challenge which will take you past far-reaching oceans and through rural countryside. Pause to enjoy the spectacular views from elevated cliff tops and make your way to the famous surfer’s haven of Bells Beach. If this ride seems too daunting, you can cycle the shorter 60 kilometre ride from Torquay to Bells Beach which is relatively flat and easier to ride.

Amsterdam, Holland

Amsterdam’s bike friendly reputation is known worldwide. Make sure to try Cycle Route 10 which winds through 42 kilometres of city and rural areas. You will cycle past windmills, canals and the famed Albert Cuyp Straat market.

Udaipur, Rajasthan, India

Brimming with ancient culture, Udaipur City is best explored by bicycle. Negotiating a path through camels, goats and their dedicated herdsmen is all part of the wonderful cultural experience you will come to appreciate. Cast your eyes up and you will see majestic temples, ornate palaces and age old forts. You can take your bike on the train from any of the major Indian cities to Udaipur.

Besides being a great form of exercise, cycling means you won’t leave a carbon footprint. With increasing traffic and parking spots at a premium, cycling is booming all around the globe. If you have been a passionate cycler for years or are contemplating joining this group, 99 Bikes have a wealth of information to keep you seated on the ideal bicycle. Many countries take keeping cyclists safe seriously and you will find specific bike paths, hire bikes and bike route maps readily available wherever you choose to cycle.

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