5 Must-Have Accessories for the Boating Enthusiast

There is no question that boating is a favorite pastime for many Americans. Not only do people experience a freedom while they are out on the open water, but there are so many activities to engage in that it is impossible to get bored. Whether you want to enhance your overall boating experience or you simply need a way to organize all of your equipment, you can find stylish and functional accessories that will upgrade your vessel. Here are just 5 of the many accessories you can use on your boat:

1. Gear Racks

Let’s face it, there is never quite enough storage space on the boat. What you do have in terms of storage may be used to accommodate safety equipment, life jackets and spare ropes. Gear racks are absolutely essential if you plan on bringing equipment with you on your journey, including wake surfers, knee boards, and wakeboards. Gear racks will safely store all of these items out of the way so that you can enjoy your boating and your space.


2. Bimini Top

For beautiful and sunny cloudless days, a bimini top is a blessing. Most towers will accommodate a customized bimini top, which is a small piece of fabric that provides just enough shade from the sun to make your boating excursion pleasurable. While the top is completely functional, you’ll also want it to be aesthetically pleasing, and be coherent with the overall style of your boat. When purchasing a shaded bimini top, make sure to check with your particular tower to ensure that it will fit well. I personally used wakeessentials.com, as a resource to figure out if my tower was fit to work with a top that I was looking to buy.


3. Speakers

Every boater knows that a day of riding in the water isn’t complete without good music. Make your water experience complete with high-quality speakers. Provide an amazing soundtrack for your wake boarder or water-skier, as well as the other passengers in your boat. Everyone will have a great time rocking out to their favorite tunes.

4. Tower Lights

Your boating fun doesn’t have to end when the sun sets. Wake tower lights can provide the illumination you need to extend your boating excursion well into the hours of the night. Although these lights were designed with the wake boarder in mind, fisherman and other boaters also use these lights to brighten the area around them. When selecting tower lights for your boat, sticking with a reputable manufacturer will allow you to easily find replacement parts in the future.

5.Tower Mirrors

An important safety feature of any boat is a wakeboard tower mirror, which allows the driver of the boat to clearly see the wake boarder without having to turn their head. The driver can easily steer the boat while making sure that their skier is safe behind the boat. The mirrors will also help the driver of the boat to have a complete view of any blind spots that might exist.

From a fun family excursion to a day out with friends, many people truly enjoy spending the hot days of summer out on the open waters in their boat. You can enhance your experience by upgrading your vessel to include all of the new accessories that the industry has to offer.

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