5 Simple Ways To Protect Your Children From Harm

Being a parent means being anxious—all the time. You’re concerned not just for the quality of your children’s education and their future, but also their safety and well-being right now. While worrying about what might happen to your kids is natural (and an inevitable part of loving them), it’s not the healthiest way to go through life. The stress of worry saps your energy for your children, work, and family time.

If you could use a break from worrying about your kids, take some of these precautionary measures so you can rest easy.

1) Run A Background Check On The People You Know

It’s not easy to spot people with a criminal past. It’s not like ex-cons wear signs around their necks saying “I was convicted of assaulting a minor in 2008.” Fortunately for parents, there is an effortless way to reveal anybody who is covering up dirty laundry. Since arrest records are a matter of public record, your can run a background check with an online service like Instant Checkmate to find the truth about anybody. You can also use it to learn about every registered sex offender in your neighborhood.

2) Know Their Whereabouts

The classic public service announcement from the ‘70s announced: “It’s 10 p.m. Do you know where your children are?” It may seem rudimentary, but knowing the location of your child is essential to always keeping them safe. If there is ever an emergency, you’ll know where to get them. If they aren’t where they’re supposed to be, you’ll know something is up. If your child has a smartphone, you can even use the power of GPS to know where they are at all times by using an app like Latchkey.

3) Make Your Children Memorize Important Phone Numbers

As soon are you kids are able understand and retain numbers, they should know both Mom and Dad’s phone numbers. Should they ever become lost, they will be able to easily give you a call or tell another adult how to contact you.

4) Have An Up To Date Photo

It’s unthinkable, but what would you do if your child ever went missing? The first thing police would need is an up to date photo to help identify your child. Not just for law enforcement’s own purposes, but also to release to news outlets so the general public could join in the search. Having a current photo that reflects what your child actually looks like could help speed up their healthy return.

5) Monitor And Limit Their Internet Use

Children today are enamoured with social media. But they don’t always know how to use it appropriately. Unmonitored Internet usage can lead to bullying, and even inappropriate conversations with Internet predators—all without your knowledge. By using a program like Skydog, you can effortlessly limit the amount of time your children spend on the Internet, restrict which sites they visit, and see if they are doing anything online they aren’t supposed to.

Keep Them Safe You Can Stay Sane

Being a parent is stressful enough as it is. You don’t need to burden yourself with extra worries about easily-preventable problems. By taking a few minor protective steps you can spend less time worrying and more time bonding with your kids.

Albert Enzio is a blogger from Charleston, West Virginia.  He writes about parenting, intent security, and social media.

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