5 Summer Party Ideas

Summer is all about being outdoors, soaking up the sunshine, enjoying the cooler evenings, and having fun with your friends and family. Summer is a great time to have outdoor parties. The ideas for summer parties are endless and only limited by your imagination. You can host a party on your verandah, in your outdoor entertaining area, or if you have a beautiful yard, you might light to take the party to the lawn. Of course, if you have a pool, pool parties will the order of the day (or night). If you don’t have time to get the yard into order for your next party get some help; companies like PPG Australia will get your yard into ship shape condition in no time.

Flower Power Party

Summer is a great time to get groovy! Just add flowers. You can decorate with freshly cut flowers or you can have fun making them out of tissue paper and pipe cleaners. The more colour the better. Ask everyone to dress up in their favourite hippy clothing and have a pile of fresh flowers at the door, so everyone can wear a flower in their hair. You might even like to make daisy chains. You can decorate your driveway and paths with chalk flower pictures, the kids will help with that one. See if you can find any macramé hangings, rainbow fabric, tie-dye gear or peace signs at your local thrift shop to add a sixties feel to your décor.

Outdoor Movie Night

You can create your own outdoor movie theatre and invite friends and family over for the show. You will need a large white sheet to hang for your screen, add a film projector (which you can hire) and hey presto, you have an outdoor theatre. Make popcorn for your guests. They will love it. Throw some rugs on the ground; add a few cushions and the scene will be set for a great night of outdoor movie entertainment.

Games Night

Who doesn’t love a bit of good old fashioned fun? A games night fits the bill perfectly. And the kids will love it. Get your friends to bring their favourite board games and you are away. Add some game inspired decorations for extra fun. Try making a Twister table cloth; make cakes or cookies and ice them to look like Scrabble letter tiles; and make bunting from Monopoly money. It will all add to the fun.

Themed Party

Themed parties are always fun. Pick a theme and ask guests to dress up. And then, dress up the back yard to match. Why not go tropical and create your own backyard rainforest with some borrowed ferns and palms. Decorate in greens and blues. You can make tropical cocktails and serve food in banana leaves. Time to bring out that retired Hawaiian shirt.

Dancing Under the Stars

This is one for the romantics. Dress up in long evenings gowns, choose classic jazz music and turn your lawn into a dance floor. Choose classy decorations and add some strings of fairy lights.

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