5 Things to Check if Your Air Conditioning Packs Up This Summer

Global warming has it’s positives. Whole industries are growing up since we invented it. Whether warming is really taking place is still the subject of much debate. It cannot be denied that billions of pounds have been created, boosting economies all over the world since climate change was first suspected. It is not an idiotic notion to suspect that the panic was created to serve just this purpose. We are now enjoying renewable energy sources thanks to this possible conspiracy. How energy costs more to produce is baffling, but maybe in the future prices will come down.

One industry that is booming is the production of air conditioning units. Summers must be getting warmer here, as they are on sale in many shops. Or is it that we are just spoiled, and feel we shouldn’t experience even the mildest discomfort?. Whatever the reasons, most people are now choosing to install air conditioning in their homes.

Air cooling is quite a complicated process. Think of a refrigerator with it’s door open trying to cool down the whole room, it would have to work hard and would need a powerful fan to pump that cold air. Air cooling works on the principle of pressurising a fluid and pumping it into a heat exchanger. When the fluid loses its pressure, it takes heat from its surroundings. The fluid is constantly flowing around the circuit doing its job magnificently. In air conditioning units, the air is filtered as well as cooled.

Cooling the air is just as expensive as trying to keep the room warm in winter. Be prepared for higher energy bills.

When our air conditioning stops working, there is not a lot we can do as it is usually a compressor fault that needs professional attention. However, there is a checklist we can follow in the hope that we are lucky, and our unit will spring back into life. If all else fails, you will find air conditioning repair in New Port Richey or any other place, by searching online. Let’s take a look at some things here, that you can check yourself.

1. Does the air conditioning unit still have a power supply? Check all of the circuit breakers and ensure none of them has tripped. Check the fuse in the plug and change as necessary.

2. If the unit has power, can you hear the compressor working? If not, check that the thermostat hasn’t been altered. The unit will not spring into life if the thermostat is set too low.

3. If the compressor can be heard, but no air is being blown out, the fan motor may be faulty. This is not a repair that you can carry out yourself.

4. Could the air intake be blocked? It is common practice in the winter to block the air intake on the outside of the property to prevent cold drafts. It is also common for people to forget that they have blocked them. Also, there is often an air damper that may have seized shut over the winter through lack of use. Go outside and check.

5. Inspect the unit closely to see if there is a reset button. It may not be in an obvious position. Often units will have their own protection from transient faults and the button may need to be pressed.

Well guys, I hope you are one of the lucky people who are able to fix the units themselves. If not, it probably won’t cost a fortune to have it repaired but it is an inconvenience. Maybe you will consider dumping the old unit in favour of a new one now that the costs have come down. Whatever happens, stay cool.

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