5 Things You Can Do on a Bean Bag

5 Things You Can Do on a Bean Bag

Think bean bags are pretty one dimensional? Then think again – bean bags are more diverse than your average sofa, offer a more relaxed feel and some even carry medical benefits. Move over dumb chairs, bean bags are where it’s at:

Have Friends Over

Worrying about extra seating is a bore, so why stress about it when everyone feels comfier and more relaxed on a cosy bean bag? A carefully crafted seat with the right support and position for maximum comfort helps guests unwind from the moment they walk through the door – add a beer or glass of wine, and you’re all ready for a much more fun evening than with boring chairs!

Take Gaming to the Next Level

For game lovers, the bean bag has been the seating of choice for many years; it’s just always been that way – a bean bag to a gamer is like a home bar to a mixologist; or an AGA oven is to a chef – it is the go-to piece of equipment to enhance their experience of what they do best. The most important thing for a gamer is to have enough room to move around and manoeuvre, in order to perform better and win. And there’s no better place to do this from than a bean bag.

Watch TV

Whether it’s a film night, enjoying popcorn and a few beers with mates, or just general evening viewing of the goggle box, you will realise that you never truly enjoyed watching anything before a bean bag. Trying to curl up on the sofa just doesn’t cut it next to either a truly squishy bean bag you can sink right into, or a luxury bucket chair – faux suede and leather are also available for maximum comfort. You’ll be insisting your guests take the couch just so you can take the bean bag seating!

Have Snooze Time

Getting in from work after a long day, you’re in that place between napping and unwinding ahead of your evening’s telly viewing. Throwing yourself onto a comfy bean bag, you feel instantly comforted as it wraps itself round you, allowing you to sink into it like a stone. This is the place where you can instantly fall into a slumber, yet still be close enough to the kettle to make yourself a cuppa as soon as you awake. 

Ease Pain or Pressure

Great Bean Bags have a collection of medical bean bags, supports and mats which provide pressure relief and support. Whether you’re pregnant, have back problems or suffer from deep vein thrombosis, there are a range of supports available from birthing mats, to care chairs and elevate lower limb supports. So if you’re recovering from treatment in hospital or just need some support for a range of symptoms, you may just find relief in the form of a carefully designed bean bag.


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  1. ComfortRocking

    November 28, 2013 at 8:12 pm

    I agree. Kids and adults love Bean Bags. Very comfy and easy to move around!

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