5 Tips to Write the Great Holiday Card

The season is fast approaching and you will need to send out holiday cards. For most of us we end up buying a generic template, signing our name and then sending it through the mail. However, for a card going to a good friend or a family member it is better to send a more personal card that has been hand written. This process can seem overwhelming but with some simple guidance you can start sending out fabulous holiday cards.

Remove all pressure before writing any cards you do not have to be amusing and creative. You only need to write a sincerer and original note that connects with the recipient. Focus on being thankful, extending wishes, and sharing happy moments from the past year. It is also a good idea to wish everyone a Happy New Year. This is the one holiday event we all have in common. Christmas or holiday card greetings are the ideal time to reflect, inspire, or send warm wishes to those whom we do not see frequently. Before we review our tips, it is helpful to start thinking about those moments that you wish to share. It is always a good idea to include a specific greeting updating long-distance friends or family on what’s happening in your family and life. However, for other scenarios it can be best to keep it short, meaningful and a unique message. Regardless of the length it is important to relate with the recipient and make the content meaningful to that individual.

Many people resist sending cards because they don’t know what to write. Never fear. Just follow these quick tips and your friends and family will be caroling your praises all season long. 

5 Tips to Write the Great Holiday Card

1. Keep it personal: Make the content of the card personal. Use the name of the person throughout the card and use key memories to cause the other person to think back to those events of joy.

2. Consider the recipients: Use words that the recipient of the card will respect. Some people like to have greetings of the season worded in a special way. By using their preference you will show them a genuine care to connect with them this holiday season.

3. Give more then receive: Give a card with the feeling that you do not need one in return.

4. Stay positive: Use only the words that convey the joy of the holiday season. Keep personal troubles out of the card and try to focus on the blessings that you have had during the year.

5. Special touch: Sign your own card. When you put your name to the card with your own hand it shows that you care enough to write the content of the card yourself.

By following these five tips you can write a great time. The person that the card is going too will enjoy it much more when the personal touch is applied. To really put the final touches on your card order a personalized holiday card from Expressionery.

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