5 Ways to Stop Yourself from Speeding

Receiving a speeding fine is never a pleasant experience. For one, you may worry that you’ll lose points from your licence or the licence itself. Being caught speeding usually means an expensive fine or even prison time if you have broken the limit by a significant enough amount. Second, you may doubt whether you exceeded the limit, but you don’t know how to prove that you were below the assigned speed. And then there’s the stress of worrying about potential court appearances. And of course, it’s important to consider the dangers of speeding. None of the consequences of being caught speeding are pleasant. You can minimise your chances of speeding and receiving a dreaded penalty notice by reading the following five tips.

Keep under the speed limit

It goes without saying that driving under the speed limit is one of the most effective ways to stop yourself from speeding. Watch your speedometer and keep an eye out for speed limit signs. In some areas (such as school zones) the limits change for a short distance, in some areas it is unclear why the speed has changed. Missing a sign can mean you end up speeding unintentionally.

Check that your speedo is accurate

You may be a regular speeder without realising it. While speedometers are generally calibrated to show you travelling faster then you really are, changing your tyres may affect its accuracy—especially when the new tyre’s profiles are different—and some speedos on old cars become less accurate over time. Ask your tyre fitter to check your speedo’s calibration. If you have a GPS car navigation system, compare the speed readout on the screen against your car’s reading: the GPS reading is more reflective of your true speed. This system is just an approximate guide, however, and as it is not fool proof, the better option is to have your speedo checked.

Avoid racing on public roads

You can find dedicated places for driving at excessive speeds, however public roads are not on this list. Racing other drivers on public roads is extremely dangerous, not just for the participants of the race, but also for other road users and pedestrians. In addition to risking penalties for reckless driving, it’s very easy to lose control and harm or kill yourself or others.

Give yourself plenty of time

One of the most common reasons people give for their speeding is that they were running late to be somewhere. While delays are sometimes beyond our control, wherever possible give yourself enough time to get to your destination driving at or under the speed limit. Not only will the temptation to speed diminish when you allow yourself more time, but so will the chances of causing a speed-induced accident.


The chances of breaking the speed limit while walking are non-existent. If your office is just a short walk away, why not ditch the car and any chance of speeding along with it.

Using the above five strategies will help to minimise your chances of speeding, but mistakes do happen. Sometimes you’re at fault, occasionally you may be the victim of an incorrectly calibrated speed camera or involved in a genuine emergency. If you receive a penalty notice and suspect equipment error or need to request special consideration, it’s a good idea to seek legal advice. Gold Coast lawyers such as GC Traffic Lawyers are able to examine your situation, offer legal advice and represent you at any court appearances if the need arises.

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