6 Common Mistakes Parents Make when Hosting a Sleepover

Hosting a sleepover is a big responsibility for any parent to take on. Not only do they have to worry about their kids and everyone else having fun, but they also need to make sure everyone is safe throughout the entire night.

Needless to say, all of this responsibility deters a lot of parents from even hosting a sleepover in the first place. However, a sleepover can be a great way for kids to bond and create lasting friendships that parents should never deny. Here are six common mistakes parents make when hosting a sleepover and how anyone can avoid them.

Not having appropriate entertainment

Entertainment is a big factor for any sleepover. Parents need to make sure they have enough activities planned that will entertain the entire group and also be appropriate for everyone attending. For example, a karaoke party might not be fun for kids who do not like music. Instead, parents should have TV packages and other options that allow them to quickly find the entertainment everyone will like.

Not being specific with the guest list

A guest list is a very important part of any slumber party. Parents want to make sure they know exactly who is coming so they can plan accordingly. Send out invites and have parents RSVP for their child beforehand in order to know exactly who and how many kids will be at the party.

Not making sure their child is ready

Most parents will assume that their child will be ready for a slumber party at a certain age. Though this may be true for some kids, not every child will be ready when a parent thinks they should be. Everyone should make sure that their kids are open and receptive to a sleepover before planning the event.

Assuming that they all have to sleep at the house

The most common way to host a sleepover is to have all the kids pile on the floor or somewhere else in the house to sleep. Though this can be a perfect option, parents can look outside the normal slumber party to find a new and fun idea. Some local establishments like parks, zoos or museums will allow people to rent out their space for a sleepover. This can be a fun little getaway for everyone.

Not being prepared for late night disasters

No matter what kind of group there is, there is always at least one child who will get upset in some way or another during a sleepover. Parents need to be prepared to handle the situation when it arises, either by solving the issue themselves or calling the parents of the child for help.

Not planning pick up times with other parents

Most parents will agree on a drop off time for a slumber party, but forget to arrange the time for pick up. This is a mistake that could leave a lot of people confused and frustrated, so make sure to settle times right away.

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