7 Things What Not to Forget When Planning a House Move



Moving house is certainly a test of your nerve and steely determination. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could all be happy and content in the place we first call our own home? It’s not always that simple, as we have to start on the first rung of the ladder and gradually climb our way up.


Buying our first house is a scary and expensive business but, once you have succeeded, you begin to gather belongings as life moves on. Soon enough, a small starter home is just not big enough anymore, and it is time to move on. Alternatively you may find yourself rattling around a large house once your children have grown and moved on, and you wish to downsize. Whatever the reason for your move, you will find here, seven important steps that must be remembered in the planning.




Find a reputable firm such as Hadley & Ottaway or one of the many others that can be found on the internet. You may have used a company before that you are happy to employ again, or maybe a recommendation from a relative will guide you. There is but one rule to remember; cheap doesn’t mean best.




Packing will take longer than you think. Your removal company will probably offer a packing service as an addition to the removal package. It may well be worth peace of mind to use their services to ensure the packing is done correctly. If you are doing the job yourself, boxes can be provided by the removal company.




Is there easy access to your property for the lorry? Overhanging trees should be trimmed and requests for neighbours not to park outside your house on the day should be arranged well in advance to avoid any delays on moving day.




Telephone, gas, electricity, and water companies will have to be informed of the moving date. On the day itself, all meter readings should be noted and given to the utility suppliers. On arrival at the new house, take those meter readings also, as mistakes do happen. A job many people forget is to let the television licensing people know of your new address. That could be costly.




Make adequate arrangements for your pets well in advance of the day. Hours can be wasted trying to find your mangy moggy or pet pooch before you leave. A search on the internet will bring up hundreds of catteries and kennels from which you can choose to house your pet for a couple of days, while the upheaval is taking place.




As with pets, the last thing you need on this most stressful of days is to have your little cherubs fussing around all day. Arrange for them to stay at a friends or relatives for the day.




Contact your post office to arrange mail forwarding to your new address. The forwarding can be arranged for the period that you think necessary. This service isn’t foolproof, but it does an adequate job.


There are many more points that you will need to remember; these are just a few of mine. Organisation is the key. Create a timeline chart and add every little job to it in the form of a note. That way it is easy to keep track of how things are moving along and what is still to do. Military precision is a phrase that springs to mind. Try your best to stay calm on the day. A clear head will solve problems easier than a stressed mind.


Kipling once said; “If you can keep your head when all about you people are losing theirs…” You know the rest. Bon voyage!

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