A family highlight their anger at the inquest of the death of mother, baby and grandparents

A family who had a horrific tragedy have expressed their anger over the inquest into the death of their baby, two grandparents and a young mum. An accident involving their car and a lorry meant that an inquest into their deaths had to be conducted.  They have reacted with anger towards the ruling of accidental death.  The collision with a speeding lorry driver caused both Robert Reed, 75 and his wife Margaret, 74 plus their one-year old granddaughter, Destiny and her mother Natalie, 18, to be killed.  

It is thought that the lorry driver, Owen Davis was having a coughing fit at which point he lost consciousness at the wheel. Despite Mr Davis losing consciousness at the wheel due to an undiagnosed bout of whooping cough, which caused his blood pressure to drop, the family still believed he should have been prosecuted for the death of their family members.

Mr Davis, upon medical examination had coughed himself into unconsciousness.  The now retired senior collision investigator, Ian Haigh has said that everything Mr Davis had said with regards to the crash was accurate and true.  But both Natalie and Destiny were not wearing their seat belts or secured in the vehicle, but it is thought that even if they had been it would not have saved them.  Here at Priority Legal we can’t stress enough though the importance of wearing your seat belts.  Despite what the inquest has pointed out in this case, wearing your seat belt is not only a legal requirement but could be the very difference between life and death.

Coroners verdict of accidental death 

The verdict of accidental death was recorded by Durham Coroner Andrew Tweddle who has said that the case was an “unusual even within the realms of unusualness.”

“If the car had been just a second or two earlier or later then the collision wouldn’t have occurred.”

It really was a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

Such a tragic fatal accident that has destroyed so many lives.  Our thoughts go out to all those involved.

Here at Priority Legal it is our job to help such families recover the compensation that they deserve through such difficult and tragic circumstances.  And whilst no amount of money can ever rectify the awful circumstances families such as this find themselves in, it can help to relieve the financial burden.  If you or a family member have lost loved ones as a result of a fatal accident then you can claim compensation.  You can claim if you were a witness to the awful event and you can also claim if you were dependent on the person you lost.  If this was a grandparent, parent, uncle, aunt or brother or sister you can claim for financial dependency.  We treat all our cases with the upmost of sensitivity and will do everything we can to help you in this difficult time. 

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