Family friendly search is an online magazine (or rather less pretentiously a web blog) run by me, Hannah Whitehouse. It’s designed to be a resource for families looking for helpful information, and most of the articles are based on my own personal experiences. For instance when I’ve researched pregnancy weight gain while pregnant with my first child I wrote an article on the topic and posted it here.

Some people have asked about the name. Initially I had planned a much larger project here design to offer an alternative to Google and Bing but with only family safe links. I quickly realised the task of building a search engine was too big so instead decided to make a one stop shop blog of useful information for families. Rather less ambitious, but hopefully a positive contribution nevertheless.

While the project did turn into a ‘blog’ or online magazine, I didn’t want it to be similar to the vast number of ‘mummy/mommy’ blogs out there. Many of these blogs rely heavily on personal content which I worried would both decrease my privacy – something I value – and not be particularly helpful or valuable content. Instead I’ve made a site which is designed to offer only helpful content and articles for other families. While at the start the blog focused on areas that were close to my personal life – such as pregnancy while I was pregnant, and Health while I was trying to lose weight – I’ve now expanded it into other areas including ones that I’ve not (yet) experienced myself. While I want to stay the sole main author on the site I do occasionally allow friends and other experts to make posts if they are relevant and useful to our audience.

About me

I’m Hannah, I’m a stay at home mum from London, England. I decided to give up my career in software development when I started my family, in order that my children would have the more individual contact time with their mum in their early lives when children’s development is most important for their future life. I’ve chosen not to publish a photo of myself as I’m a little cautious of privacy (a topic I’ve written about on this site).

I’ve recently given birth to my second child, Fiona, and my other child, Oscar, is a mischievous three year old. It’s almost a full time job looking after them both, and I’m quite sure that my husband, Sean, and I would have struggled to cope otherwise – especially with the high cost of childcare in London.

In my spare time (which is increasingly rare these days) I love vintage shopping, watching classic French films and cycling along Regents Canal. I’m hoping to eventually go back to my career when my children are old enough to not require around-the-clock attention and I’m still grappling with how I feel about being called a full time mum / homemaker.