Activities For You And Your Toddler

Toddlers love nothing more than to play, and there are many games you can introduce them to that will help their imagination and mind flourish. Whether it’s a rainy day stuck indoors and you need some activity inspiration, or you want to get outside and play while stimulating their creativity, there’s plenty of fun to be had. Here are a few quick ideas.



This rainy day game can be played with any toddler over about a year old, but of course all children are different, so feel free to play at any age! Sit on the floor with your toddler facing you directly, and create silly movements or actions and then direct her to copy you. She’ll get a lot of laughs over watching you be silly, and should eventually pick up on the mirroring aim. Then ask her to do some faces or movements, and you copy her. This game should help develop her co-ordination.


Shaking Shakers

Help your little one make their very own rattle toy, by taking empty toilet paper tubes, filling with cereal or beans or anything you have on hand, and then closing up the ends with paper and tape. They can decorate their new shakers however they like, if you want to make a fun craft project out of it. Then put some music on and dance around the house with their brand new instruments. This will encourage your toddler’s creativity, and get them into music and movement.


Desert Island

This is an old classic, and something you may even remember playing as a child. Fill the living room with pillows, couch cushions, anything you can find to represent ‘islands’, then tell your toddler they can only step on those areas and that the rest of the floor is water (or lava, if you’re inclined to make things feel a bit more dangerous). Let them invent scenarios and have their own desert island adventure, and point out imaginary sea creatures and obstacles along the way.

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