Away for the Holidays: Home Security Tips


Not everybody spends the Christmas season at home – whether you visit family before or after the big day, or are away for the duration, making sure that your home and your belongings are safe and secure is essential. For example, if you’re popping up to visit family elsewhere for a weekend, you’re leaving behind a Christmas tree and plenty of presents stashed underneath it, in clear view, that criminals will have a field day with if you’re not careful.

Burglaries are known to boom over the festive period. While you shouldn’t be nervous about leaving your home at Christmastime, and you certainly shouldn’t forgo your plans to visit relatives, you should do what you can to make your home as safe as possible. The more secure your home is, the less of a target it will be to opportunist burglars.

Don’t hide keys under the plant pot!

Many homeowners have “secret” hiding places for their keys and, while you may think that it’s a superb place to conceal them, chances are burglars have seen it all before. Make sure that your keys are in a safe place (i.e. on you or with a neighbour) when you go away. Locks and alarms in Birmingham can be checked by the local professional services so that you know your locks are up to scratch, too.

Turn the alarm on!

If you have an alarm, use it. While an alarm on the front of your home may be a deterrent by just being there, it’ll be better if it’s used for its intended purpose. If you don’t have an alarm fitted, consider having one installed – locks and alarms from the Midlands experts can be affordable, with some offering monthly payments.

Make festive lighting secure

How many times have you walked past a home that has some fantastic twinkling lights around their window, with the wire threaded through the window frame to a plug socket inside? Burglars know to look for this – its easy access for them! If you are using exterior lighting, use an exterior socket, battery power or solar power rather than risking your home’s security.

Don’t advertise where you are on Facebook

Social media savvy criminals can use Facebook and the like to scout potential targets. If you and your family are away, don’t broadcast it on Facebook, or tag yourself to be away from home.

Hide the presents

If your Christmas tree is on show, there’s no reason why you should have all your presents underneath it when you’re not there. Burglars will see that and know that you have potentially valuable items sitting there waiting for them!


Be safe this Christmas – enjoy the festive season but make sure your home is secure and protected too.

This article was written by Roxanne Wells on behalf of Centrasec

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  1. Avishay Lavy

    December 14, 2013 at 6:31 am

    Hello Hannah,
    Home is our castle. Try to use good locks installation at doors and windows. Don’t rely on a simple knob lock, try to instal deadbolt locks on every exterior door. Talk to your trusted Neighbors to watch out your house. Find trusted locksmith for installation of locks. Hopefully my tips will help you. Hannah I really liked your article.


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