Back To School Fashion Tips

Back to school shopping can be a nightmarish ordeal, especially if your kids are getting to the age where they start making a fuss about trends and having the newest clothes in the shops. If your children wear a school uniform, seasonal shops are still a sad necessity for those after school hours, so these hints can apply to you too. You can keep your kids looking cool and on trend while staying within your budget with a few easy tips.


Stay on top of trends

If you’re unsure of what to buy for your kids, check out some online children and teen fashion blogs, or have a look through the new clothing catalogues for a sense of what will be popular at their school. This will save you the trouble of shopping for new items only to have them left discarded under the bed or at the back of the wardrobe. Make sure your children will wear what you buy to avoid wasting money.


Get the staples

The main things you’ll need for every new school year never really change. Stock up on new sets of socks, pants, jeans and jumpers to be sure your kids are prepared for the changing season, and pay particular attention when looking for a new jacket or winter coat. They’ll grow out of things quickly, so try and avoid buying the basic items are anywhere too expensive; look in the big, lower priced shops like Matalan or supermarket clothing sections and you’ll find plenty of cheaper options that look identical to the more expensive varieties.


Keep the tags on

Once you’ve made your purchases, keep hold of all your receipts and leave the tags on the clothes until they’ve been worn. This way, anything that your kids decided they don’t like or that doesn’t fit properly can be returned with minimal hassle.

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