Baskets Around The Home

Baskets can make a useful and decorative addition to your home. They are available in a variety of colours and designs, so you can choose a style that complements your home décor.

Baskets as a storage solution

Baskets can be useful for tidying away clutter from your home. Magazines, books, CDs and other bits and pieces can be stored out of sight and taken out when needed. Rectangular baskets are available with wooden handles, so they can easily be moved around if required. There are also storage baskets available with decorative linings, with designs including flowers, polka dots and gingham. A variety of sizes are available, so a basket can be chosen that will fit conveniently into your home.

There are also baskets that have been designed for the storage of linen and laundry. The laundry baskets are available in wicker with removable cotton lining, bamboo or rattan style plastic. These make an attractive alternative to the traditional plastic laundry baskets.

In the kitchen

Baskets can be used to store various kitchen items. Wicker baskets are available with four compartments to store condiments and cutlery. These can be used on the kitchen table, but they are also useful for barbecues and parties.

There are also wicker baskets with four compartments that have been designed for storing wine bottles. As well as being useful for storing wine in the home, they are also ideal for taking on picnics. The wine storage baskets have long handles so they can be easily transported.

Baskets can also be used to store fruit, bread and other food items. The rattan style plastic kitchen storage baskets are specifically designed for fruit and vegetables, and suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. Wicker bread baskets are available with a choice of attractive cotton linings. These are particularly useful for garden parties, as well as storage in the home.

An alternative to shopping bags

Instead of using regular plastic bags, you can take a vintage style basket when you go out shopping. Wicker shopping baskets are available in various sizes with attractive gingham linings. The lining is removable, so it can be cleaned when needed. There are also lined shopping baskets with lids, which can be useful for picnics. A variety of colours and designs are available. Wicker shopping baskets were common before the development of modern plastic shopping bags.

Attractive gifts

Baskets and hampers can be useful when it comes to gift giving. Food, drink, toiletries and other gift items can be presented in baskets as an alternative to wrapping paper. This not only presents the gift in an attractive way, but the recipient will also get the gift of a basket as well as the contents. 

There are numerous ways that baskets can be used around the home. They are an inexpensive way to add a vintage look and feel to any room, as well as providing an attractive alternative to conventional storage methods. There are various sizes, materials and designs available, so a style can be chosen to fit the scheme of the room.

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