Best bedroom looks for 2014

If your bedroom is in need of an update, why not try one of these hot 2014 looks? A good place to start would be with a new bed. This 5% discount coupon for Divan Beds might help you make your decision.


Bedrooms inspired by this country are going to be all the rage this year. Go for crisp white walls, a tiled floor and then add colour with beautiful bedsheets, throws and rugs; for some Moroccan bedroom design ideas, read this article.

Dark blues and greens work nicely with metallic elements. Look for bed linen that has tassels or a pom-pom trim. Zigzag prints also work in this setting and you should think about comfort too. Pile your bed high with cushions and snuggly throws.


Add glamour and drama to your bedroom with dark colours, gold accents and metallic accessories. This is a great look that instantly makes a bedroom sexier. You could go all out and paint one wall black or you could soften the look with dark wallpaper.


Florals have been all over the fashion scene so it’s no wonder that’s translated into interior design too. Anything a little chintzy will work brilliantly. A floral cushion might not jump out at you as something that would look good in a modern home but the bright colours often work really well.

There are more modern floral patterns out there too and these can be found on plates, rugs, throws and even on sofas.


This colour has been in editorials, on the catwalk and everywhere else that might suggest it’s going to be big for 2014. How you embrace this trend is up to you. You could opt for a navy blue sofa or you could go all out and paint a room entirely in this colour. If you want to ease yourself in, perhaps start with a cushion or rug in navy.


This is an easy trend to recreate without having to completely redecorate your bedroom. The trick here is to mix fabrics and materials while adding lots of layers to your bedroom. You could do this on a bed with lots of pillows and cushions. Or on a bedroom sofa with a couple of throws and some more cushions.

This extends to more than just soft furnishings too. When it comes to ornaments and furniture, look for interesting textures and mixed materials. For example, a side table might be decorated with an ornate metal lamp, a wooden photo frame and a pot plant in a colourful hand-painted pot.


This might sound like quite a boring trend but different shades of grey can look amazing in a bedroom. Go for simple patterns in grey and white but don’t be afraid to mix things like stripes, swirls and polka dots. Layer up the different shades for an interesting take on the monochrome trend.


Again, a pattern that’s been seen all over the catwalk recently. Instead of using it in the traditional way, find tartan in colours other than red and green. Pair it with modern furniture in deep colours and then accent the bedroom with items that complement your tartan.

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