Best Family Bike Trails in Minnesota

If you are looking for an active vacation that offers you many opportunities to enjoy some biking, you will have a difficult time finding a better choice than Minnesota. In fact, there are miles of bike trails that are available in every part of the state. The majority of the bike trails offer beautiful scenery, as well as short trips through small communities and interesting attractions. If you are looking for the best Minnesota bike trails, there are quite a few choices that are available to choose from (Source: Minnesota Bike Trails by Mille Lacs ATC).

In southern Minnesota, there are several different choices which offer miles of paved road, along with some off-road trails that you will find challenging. One of the choices that you may want to consider is the Great River Ridge Trail. This trail is found to the northeast of Rochester and offers you six miles of riding which begin and end in pleasant farming communities. The rural countryside that is offered by this trail offers a relaxing ride that is unforgettable. Other trails that you may want to consider in southern Minnesota include The Casey Jones State Trail and Blazing Star State Trail.

In the central Minnesota area, you also have many choices but I would recommend trying the Glacial Lakes State Trail. This trail offers 22 miles of paved road that runs between Painesville and Willmar. It passes by some very beautiful scenery, as you ride past wetlands and farm land. One of the attractions of this trail is the beach area at Green Lake. You may want to stop and dip your feet in the water or perhaps even go for a swim. Other trails that are available in central Minnesota which are worth riding include The Central Lake State Trail (55 miles, paved) and Millie Lacs Soo Line Trail (11 miles, paved).

In the Northwest part of the state, you have some challenging trails which should not be missed. Among these is the Mesabi Trail, which runs from Grand Rapids to Eli. There are many different segments available on this trail, and although it is not yet fully complete, you can ride on the sections that are complete to enjoy some beautiful scenery along both hilly and flat terrain. Northwest Minnesota also has other trails, including Migizi Trail (9 miles, paved) and the Heartland State Trail (49 miles, paved). These are also worthy of your attention, as are all of the bike trails in MN that can be found throughout the state.


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