Best Tropical Holiday Destinations

Most people have dreamed of a holiday entailing nothing more than lazing around on a sunlounge, cocktail in hand, with the sound of waves lapping at the shore. There is nothing more relaxing and soul rejuvenating than a tropical holiday in the sun and sometimes the hardest thing involved in planning a tropical holiday is deciding where you will visit. Once that is sorted, all you have to do is get there, throw on your bikini and relax!


Fiji has long been a popular choice for singles, couple and families wanting a tropical holiday. With numerous ports of call, Fiji offers everything you could ever want in a tropical island. Crisp white beaches are scattered with five star resorts catering to all types of travellers from those on a budget to those with cash to spare. Kids are welcome with many resorts offering fantastic deals for both accommodation and meals for the younger members of the family meaning that all you have to do when you get there is remember what time to drop them off and pick them up from Kids Club. The people of Fiji are warm and welcoming and the local scenery is stunning. There are many local traditions that can be seen and participated in from coconut tree climbing, local tribal dancing, beach feasts including cooking of local seafood, or a pig on the spit. Bula Bula!


This Indonesian paradise is still one of the most popular tropical holiday destinations and is frequented by thousands of tourists every year. From the beautiful rice fields of the countryside to the densely planted palm trees up in the hills and mountains, this beautiful “Island of the Gods” is a great holiday destination. The best of both worlds is catered to. Choose from the shorelines of beaches that are populated by swimmers and surfers who spend their time going from the waves to the sand and then onto the local bars and restaurants that are abundant, to the peaceful hills of the countryside. Shopping is also a must in this tropical paradise, there are markets everywhere and bartering for a bargain is encouraged so head to Luggage Direct before you get there for a big, deep bag that will carry all your shopping purchases! Local cuisine is outstanding and some of the best chefs in the world now work in Bali so there are so many options when eating, from the local warungs serving local Balinese foods such as Nasi Goreng, satay and rice and seafood to five star restaurants offering international cuisine. The sun shines almost year round and means that Bali is one of the most obvious choices when looking for a tropical holiday destination. There is also a very strong spiritual influence with ancient temples and healing grounds scattered across the island. The people have very strong faith resulting in a feeling of calm and community. A visit to Bali is really a holiday for the mind, body and soul and most people who visit are already planning their next trip to this paradise before they have even stepped off the plane back home.

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