Boost Your Fertility Naturally

Are you having trouble getting pregnant and considering turning to IVF or other medical infertility treatments? There are actually plenty of natural alternatives to attempt before looking at these more expensive solutions, so consider making a few simple lifestyle adjustments to boost your fertility before you make any big decisions.


Curb the coffee and booze

Although the research is mixed on the subject, many fertility experts now agree that excess caffeine intake can have a damaging effect on fertility, and on pregnancy itself should it occur. Try and keep your coffee drinking to a minimum if you’re hoping to fall pregnand, around two cup a day maximum.

Alcohol has also been shown to cause confusion in hormone levels along with having an impact on ovulation and endometrial lining, so err on the side of caution and limit your evening glasses of wine when you’re trying to conceive.


Ditch the cigarettes

When it comes to both men and women, smoking is a big fertility no-no. For men, smoking damages sperm DNA and reduces production, and it has also been shown to reduce the chances of conceiving in women. Quitting ahead of time will also make things a lot easier if you are successful in getting pregnant, as the experts are united in their stance when it comes to the dangers of smoking during pregnancy.


Maintain a healthy weight

Being either on the too thin or too heavy side can cause big problems for your fertility. Research has shown that having an overweight or obese BMI (above 25) delayed conception timing in a significant number of women, while having an underweight BMI of below 19 had an even more damaging impact. By eating healthily, maintaining physical fitness and staying at a healthy weight, or gaining a little or losing a little to reach a healthy weight, you can improve your chances.



It may sound silly, but having high levels of stress in your system can negatively impact your reproductive system, thanks to a hormone called cortisol that is released when you’re stressing out. Try meditation or yoga if you struggle with your stress, and seek further help if you feel that your anxiety is unmanageable.

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