Boot trends: warm in winter, cool in summer

Fashions come and go but one thing that seems intent on hanging around is the trusty old boot. our love affair with this marvellous piece of footwear just does not seem to wain… comfortable and practical  in the winter and fashionable in the summer, the boot industry is definitely stomping its way firmly onto the high street.

There are so many to choose from… Long, short, flat, high, zipped, laced, chic, very non-chic, even intentionally aged. Gone are the the days when boots had a small  section in a shoe shop  and were dragged out for the winter season – there are now whole shops just for boots and it’s a year-round fashion.

The attraction spans genders and all age ranges with so many new makes popping up all the time. But of course the most popular  of the day is of the Ugg boot. You just cannot walk down the high street without seeing at least a dozen pairs of the sheepskin comfort boot and you only have to take a look on Ebay to see how many designs there are. Love them, hate them or be perplexed by them, they are going nowhere and are here to stay.

The utility or army boot is also enjoying a huge revival. Teenage girls  love them like ‘the newest fashion accessory’ and look completely aghast when you tell them that you had a pair when you were their age! Only we of course only had a choice of cherry red or black. They were about in the mods and punk era, then again with the grunge look (flowery long dresses which should have been paired with delicate little sandals were coupled instead with a pair of heavy paratrooper boots!) it was chosen as the ‘alternative’ fashion hero.

These days however, big boots are so very mainstream and have been adapted full on for the high street, with florals, glitter and stripes – much to the disgust of the original ‘alternative’ boot wearers who have had to go off and find an alternative to the alternative.

This modern trend for boot wearing means they are no longer restricted to winter. In the summer, shorts and Uggs seem to be the way to go if you’re young (or just brave) cowboy boots look awesome and along with the iconic wellie boot, Uggs are the thing to wear at a festival. UK  has produced 100 of the best boot styles this year and is worth a peek. If you are after a more feminine, chic appearance, then check out an ankle boot, these definitely cross over to the sophisticated look. Of course the knee length zip up leather boot will be timeless and is one of those items you can chuck in the back of your wardrobe, pull out every 5 years or so and will never date. If you need a bit of ‘chunk’  then a lovely flat biker boot always looks great.

The Guardian Online has a great video tutorial on how to wear your biker boot. If you are daring or just want your legs extending – go for a stiletto heel, or if not so daring, then a nice Cuban heal. It has to be said there is boot out there for everyone, whether it be a statement or for practicality, the heavyweight of footwear is now well entrenched in our hearts and long may it reign.

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