Borrowed From the Boys: Modern Trends in Women’s Fashion

Getting glammed up with maximum feminine sexiness is one of the best aspects of being female. But if you’re honest with yourself, being pinched and squeezed into form fitting styles every day can be a bit wearing. Perhaps that is why the boyfriend look never really goes away, and why styles borrowed from men’s closets make periodic comebacks.

Back in the day, the boyfriend look was often made up of pieces borrowed or seized from actual men’s closets. Men’s shirts, jackets and even their ties made their way into women’s wardrobes. Nowadays, there is no longer any need for men to guard their closets. The hot boyfriend look has caught on with savvy designers who are creating fresh new styles just for women.

Whether you’re wearing a snazzy boyfriend coat, oversized button down shirt, relaxed boyfriend jeans or super cozy boyfriend sweater, you can look fabulous and still be able to breathe freely.  You can dress up boyfriend looks for the office, or dress them down for hanging out with your friends.

Boyfriend Jackets to Dress Up or Down

The boyfriend jacket is one of the most versatile looks in fashion. You can throw a boyfriend jacket over a delicate looking dress to give it and edgy appeal – and keep warm on chilly evenings. Pair a boyfriend jacket with jeans or leggings and you are set for an outing with your girlfriends or a laid-back date.

Boyfriend jackets are not just for young women either. Mature women have adopted the boyfriend jacket, pairing it with a belt and slacks or with slim jeans and flats. A boyfriend jacket over a dress makes an office-worthy substitute for a suit

Boyfriend Jeans for Roomier Chic

Yes, skinny jeans are sexy, but if you are feeling “fat” or if you just want a break from holding in your stomach, boyfriend jeans are your new best friend. Whether you are tall and leggy, curvy and cute or full-figured, there is a boyfriend cut that will suit your figure perfectly. Best of all, the right boyfriend jeans can be dressed up to be office-worthy, or can go casual for tailgate parties.

Boyfriend jeans look great either in classic denim blue or in a sophisticated black dye. If you’re younger, you can also get away with the strategically-ripped boyfriend jean look for super-casual weekend afternoons. If you’re more mature, opt for a darker wash when your boyfriend jeans are new to wear to brunch. Once your boyfriend jeans have faded a bit, they go perfectly with weekends spent outdoors.

Boyfriend Shirts

For a super comfortable yet classy look, matching oversized button-down boyfriend shirt with a pair of leggings, a medium belt and flat-heeled boots. A crisp white boyfriend shirt can be office-worthy when worn untucked over a pair of black or gray slacks or a straight skirt. Add a chunky belt and flats and you’re ready to go from your desk to a staff meeting with simple chic.

Pulling Off the Boyfriend Look

The key to pulling off a boyfriend jacket with chic style is to ensure a proper fit across the shoulders. Otherwise, the relaxed boyfriend look relaxed boyfriend look is lost and you just look like you’re wearing an ill-fitting jacket. Especially if you are petite, an overly baggy look should be avoided at all costs.

Other fit aspects of the boyfriend jacket can be adjusted according to your preferences. Longer arms can on a boyfriend jacket be pushed up or rolled up for a more casual look. Boyfriend jackets that are longer in the torso can be matched with a long skirt or jeans.

To pull off boyfriend jeans at the office, match them with silk blouses, matched sweater sets or with a smart, tailored blazer. Be cautious about matching boyfriend jeans and jackets together – unless you are Katherine Hepburn or Marlene Dietrich, you may end up looking mannish rather than stylish. (Of course, it is unimaginable that either Katherine or Marlene would have worn jeans, but that’s another matter.)

The classic boyfriend shirt is white, but the look also works with pastel colors or rich jewel tones. You will probably want to stick with a solid color, however, especially if you match the boyfriend shirt with a pattered jacket or skirt. However, a boyfriend shirt with subtle stripes can look great with black tights, jeans or a straight black skirt.

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