Britain’s Top Childhood Memories

When you think back to your childhood, you tend to think of several things as highlights – the games you played at break time in the playground, the cartoons you watched, the friends you made, the drawings on the classroom wall and the memories of sliding around the hall on your knees. We all have some great, unique memories that really made our childhoods what they were and helped set us up to become the people we are today.

However, what was great about our childhoods might be different for other people. For example, you might have liked watching the Teletubbies, while your friend’s favourite show might have been Pokémon or the Power Rangers – we all have our preferences. You can see the results of a recent survey by Betta Living, which explores the UK’s favourite childhood memories – just click here to see how many you remember!

image001Thinking back to our childhood can be a great way to cheer ourselves up a bit and remind us that things aren’t always so bad! Heading into the office day after day might not be fun, but at one stage, we thought that about going to school too! Leaving behind the toys, the computer games and the cartoons to go and learn about Henry VIII seemed like a nightmare. However, the chances are that you’re working in an industry that you had no interest in for a significant period of your childhood, but now, you’re thankful that you got away from SpongeBob and the Batman computer game you loved so much!

The survey revealed some interesting statistics, especially regarding location and gender. To take one example, 100% of Scottish men surveyed revealed that they loved playing with a Slinky, watching the coils bounce down the staircase, but only 53% of Scottish women were fans of the same toy. In addition, northerners were four times more likely to remember furry toilet seat warmers than southerners, perhaps proving that it is cold up north!

This doesn’t come as too much of a shock considering we all have our own range of favourites as we move through the country. Take a look through the results and see which ones you remember and which you might have owned yourself.


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