Budget Friendly Makeover Ideas for Your Backyard

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to turn your boring backyard space into something your friends and neighbours will complement you on. All it requires is a little imagination, a DIY sprit, and a few ready-and-able mates to help you give your backyard a complete makeover. Here are 5 budget friendly ideas that you can use to give your backyard a new lease on life.

Define your spaces

Before you get stuck into anything, take some time out and clearly envision the spaces you wish to create in your backyard. If you need to, grab a pen and paper and demarcate the entertaining area, the lawn, the shed, the play area, cooking area, etc. Having an overall design of your backyard space will then allow you to focus in on transforming its specific parts.

Build a patio

Once you’ve got a firm picture in mind over how you want your backyard space to be laid out, shift your attention to creating a simple patio space for entertaining your guests. They are relatively cheap to build, and usually only require between 2 or 3 square metres of stone or concrete pavers. When the patio is complete, head on down to your local outdoor supply store and purchase a durable table and chair set, and place them in the centre of your patio space. Make sure the furniture is made from galvanized steel, aluminium, or any other rust-free material. Use polyester for the chair cushions.

Section out a cooking area

With the patio space built and clearly defined, it’s time to focus on building a cooking area – fitted with a high quality barbeque unit (stores such as Barbeques Galore have an impressive range of gas and charcoal barbeques). Cooking spaces generally look best when positioned in the corners of your property.

Create a garden path

Building a meandering garden path that links your patio space and the cooking area can add a polished look to any untamed backyard space. Instead of using concrete or pavers, opt instead for coloured crushed rock – 4 to 5 inches of crushed rock should be enough to give your garden path a nice firm feel.

Paint your inner fence

If your backyard looks a little dull, brighten things up by laying down a couple of coats of coloured paint on your inner fence. Go for a charcoal colour to offset the greenery in your yard. Alternatively, use a dark green if your backyard lacks plants and trees. In general, neutral colours work best.

Position large boulders and rocks in your backyard

Perfect for those backyards that lack a little dimension, placing some boulders and large rocks strategically around your property can give it some much needed depth. Positioning them in garden beds or around small shrubs is ideal. Just be careful you don’t strain your back. A few friends and a wheelbarrow are the tools to use here.

What other interesting and affordable ideas do you suggest for those looking to give their backyard a well needed makeover? Leave your suggestions below and help other home owners make the most of their backyard spaces.

Photo: © Depositphotos.com / volgariver

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