Busting Mayan Palace Fraud Allegations Wide Open: Why We Found Nothing Wrong With This Resort

Mayan Palace, an established resort with six different resort locations across the hottest Mexican destination spots, has recently been placed under the red glow of wrongful accusations on the Internet. With timeshare fraud allegations springing up in the form of bogus customer reviews and discussion forums, fingers have been pointed at this luxury resort along with overwhelmingly abrasive accusations. But as a line of resorts created by a group that has been in existence for over 35 years, and with a motto and culture that coincides with “happiness is a way of life,” in all actuality Mayan Palace is an upstanding resort creating innumerable happy customer experiences in every holiday season.

Supposed Mayan Palace Fraud: Why So Many Happy Experiences?

When looking to the Mayan Palace in Cancun (Riviera Maya) or any one of their other resort locations across Mexico, you should ask yourself: What are the majority of past customer experiences like? When visiting a trusted source like TripAdvisor, you will discover hundreds of reviews, the vast majority of which have nothing but nice things to say about their experience at this resort. Customers who were aware of the Mayan Palace¬†fraud allegations prior to staying at the resort wrote reviews of their pleasant surprise at the luxury and great service they received. Honeymooners rave at their wonderful experiences, and parents thank the resort for the kids club. If there are so many happy customer reviews, why are these false Mayan Palace fraud allegations being made? Could it be that these accusations came from a first-time visitor to Mexico who perhaps wasn’t expecting this to be a part of their vacation experience, or didn’t understand the time share sales industry?

Time Share As a Culture in Mexico

The first thing to note about the Mayan Palace is that, yes, they are a timeshare resort. And when researching reviews, many timeshare holders are the most avid fans of the Mayan Palace. Although likely stemming from the old-world view of time-shares, many people share a common belief that all time-shares in themselves are fraud, when in reality, most of them are completely legitimate. Time-shares are a part of the culture in Mexico, providing jobs to many locals and other workers who have immigrated to Mexico. They also stand as a large component of the Mexican economy and overall tourism. Those who have been to Mexico will agree that time-share sales staff may try to approach you upon your arrival at the airport, and time-share staff at the resort will offer you a time-share presentation in return for a gift. However, if you are uninterested in purchasing a time-share, you can always say no. Libel isn’t nice, but the truth is, people like to talk. Luckily, there are many trusted reviews online that claim nothing but happy experiences, so if you are planning a visit to Mayan Palace Cancun or any of the other Mayan Palace locations, don’t be led astray by bogus, negative claims.

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