Cheap Late Night Eats

Nutritionists generally recommend that we keep to a regular meal schedule in order to maintain optimal weight, but it’s not always possible to get breakfast, lunch and dinner in at typical meal times. Some of us works nights, or simply late into the evening, meaning that we feel hungry and need a meal later in the evening the most. And even those who typically eat at normal meal times sometimes need to eat later – if you’ve skipped tea to pick up your daughter from band practice, or even if you’ve gone out drinking with colleagues after work. By this time most supermarkets and grocery stores have closed, and even restaurants have shuttered their doors. So what are your options when you’re hungry but the clock is about the strike midnight?

1. Eat the leftovers

If you’re an avid cook then it’s likely that you’ll have leftovers sitting on your fridge or cupboard shelf. You might even have half of a sandwich which was simply too big to eat whole at lunch. Eating these before they go out of date is a great way of saving money and avoiding wasting food. Eating the remainder of that the chocolate cake you made at the weekend might not be the healthiest of meals, but an occasional treat won’t hurt you. Of course many of us might not have any leftovers sitting around, if not try some of the other options.

2. Order a takeaway

Even if you’re not a frequent takeaway buyer this could be a good option. You’ll won’t have to exhaust yourself further by cooking, if you’re tired or drunk you won’t risk accidentally setting the oven on fire, and you’ll receive delicious food that you probably couldn’t cook for yourself.  Gone are the days when you had to know the phone number for the local takeaway joint, now you can simply use the web to send your order and even pay for your food. This thankfully also removes the risk that you accidentally order the wrong thing on the telephone.  Food delivery by eatnow is one such website offering this service, with the innovative feature that they  even send you a SMS text message to your phone to confirm your order. If you’re worried about the calories in a takeaway don’t feel restricted to pizza or curry, try something healthier like a salad or light pasta. Takeaways don’t have to be expensive, you can often get freshly cooked food delivered for only slightly more than you’d pay for a premium ready meal in a supermarket.

3. Prepare a snack

Putting together a quick sandwich is the go-to option of those stumbling back home late at night with hunger pangs. If you’ve got any bread left in the cupboard then you’ll almost certainly have another ingredient to make a sandwich with. Even if you lack the classics such as sliced meats and cheeses you can get creative – why not make sandwiches such as tinned sardines and picked vegetables, peanut butter and potato crisps (chips to Americans), or even something hot like spaghetti hoops or baked beans.  If you don’t fancy a sandwich or have run out of bread why not try making a salad or even quickly cooking some pasta.

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