Cheaper Family Holidays

Family holidays can be a huge expense for many people, forcing them to save up for what can feel like years before they can afford their well-deserved getaway. There are ways to save money, though, without sacrificing your family’s fun.

Consider your timing. Due to skyrocketing prices out of term-time, some families choose to pull their kids out of school early to book a cheaper date. This may not be necessary; check all the dates available to your chosen destination and you may find that weekdays offer better deals.

Think ahead. The earlier you book, the better price you’ll get. Last minute deals are sometimes out there, but the best offers tend to come up well in advance, to get planning ahead of time to beat the crowd.

Think outside the box. Off to Florida, Spain or France? It’s fairly likely that everyone else is too, leading to extortionate prices on popular holiday destinations. Sunshine will also be available elsewhere, so look at less commonly considered countries and you may find beautiful scenery and culture with far fewer crowds, along with a cut in costs.

Worried about hotel prices? The accommodation can often be the priciest part of the trip, especially if you’re quite a large family. Use price comparison websites and secret hotel offers to find the cheapest rooms, or find creative alternatives to the traditional hotel room. Villas and self-catered flats are often far cheaper and often offer more space and kitchen facilities for your family. If you’re an adventurous bunch, why not try camping? Getting out into the great outdoors can be a wonderful bonding experience, and could save you a fortune.

Buy your currency wisely. If you’re going overseas, you could lose out big time by exchanging your travel cash last minute at the overpriced airport bureau de change. Look at alternatives such specialist overseas cash cards and online currency stores to save.

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