Choosing a Baby Name

Choosing your baby’s name can be one of the most fun and exciting parts of pregnancy. Some mothers had their favourite names carefully selected years before that second line appeared, and they refer to their bump by name from the first trimester. For other parents, picking just one name of the millions out there can seem like an impossible feat. It’s a very personal process, but there are a few things you can consider while making your big decision.


  • Family and Tradition


Do you come from a particular ancestral background in which certain names have special meaning? If so, then that’s something to keep in mind as it could your child’s name particular cultural resonance. Is there a habit in your family of boys called Patrick and girls called Mary? You may want to stick with this pattern to continue the tradition, or consider using old family names as the middle name if you have something a little different in mind.


  • Name Meaning


Pretty much every name you can come up with will have a story behind it and its own special meaning, so be sure you like the meaning as well as the name itself. There are plenty of baby name books out there to do some research on this and to get some ideas.


  • Uniqueness


Would you like your baby to have a more unusual name? Would it bother you if there were several other children in her class with the same name, or would you prefer it to be more common? If you don’t mind sharing a name with lots of other people, popular baby name lists from each year are available online, these can be a valuable source of inspiration.


  • Sound and Nicknames


How does your chosen first name sound when said alongside the baby’s surname? Does it trip off the tongue, or feel awkward? Can it be shortened to something that might cause him to be bullied when he gets a little older? Keep these things in mind when picking a name; your child will spend his whole life with it!

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