Choosing the Perfect Baptism Gift

A baptism or christening is a very special event in a child’s life. While he or she will probably not remember, the ceremony is an important step in the journey of faith. It’s customary to present the child with special gifts to commemorate the occasion.

Choosing the perfect baptism christening gifts can be difficult. You’ll find that online stores have a much better selection and make it simple to find exactly what you want. Remember that this is an occasion that needs to be remembered and the gifts given are often a way to do just that.

Decorative Baptism Keepsakes

A nice wall hanging or figurine can be a wonderful way to remember the special day. These are available in a number of designs, so you can choose the one that best suits the little one.

Crosses: Crosses are the perfect gift to give a little one who has just been baptized. These come in all sizes, to fit any style decor.

Pictures: Wall art is a nice addition to the nursery and there are so many beautiful paintings and photos that can really enhance the room. From famous works of art to decorative hangings with Bible verses on them, these will be a welcome gift.

Jewelry: Tiny wristbands or rosaries may not be practical, but they are a constant reminder that this child has been dedicated to God. If you choose a charm or pendant, it can be moved to a longer chain as the child grows, making it something he or she can use for decades.

Practical Christening Gift

While decorative gifts can be nice, sometimes you may want to offer the baby something they or their parents will actually use. A practical gift is more likely to be useful. It can be cherished throughout the years.

Photo frames: You can never have too many picture frames and one dedicated to the christening is a wonderful gift. These come in a range of designs, including cross-shaped frames.

Night-lights: Every nursery needs a night-light, so give the gift of light. Religious nightlights come in a variety of shapes and sizes, designed to keep the nursery lit while reminding everyone of this special day.

Photo albums: Like picture frames, photo albums are always a great gift to give. Parents can fill the books with memories of their little one and it will be passed on in years to come.

Baptism Toys

Small children will enjoy toys far more than anything else at this point in their lives. If your gift is more for the child than the parent, you can pick a special stuffed animal or other toy.

There are some very lovely teddy bears with crosses or other religious symbols on them. Lambs are another popular stuffed animal, but you will find that there are many other options available.

With so many choices, you shouldn’t have difficulties getting the perfect present. Consider the type of gift and the gender of the child, and then pick the best option available. You’ll find something for every price range, too.

This article was written by Matthew Ogilby

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