Choosing the Right Men’s Luggage for a Trip

Many people have this misconception that women are the only ones who stress about the types of bags that are taken on a trip, whether it be casual or business. Men take just as many casual and business trips, and many of them take a lot of time to consider the types of bags they should bring. There is a wide array of men’s luggage to choose from. So, which bags are the best travel choice? These questions can help determine the answer.


What is the Trip For?


One of the first things that should be examined is the purpose of the trip. Is it a casual vacation with the family? Is it a trip with a significant other? Will there be clients to see or meetings to attend? Is the trip for business reasons? Will it be hot or cold? There are a lot of questions to ask, and each one can lead to understanding what kind of bag to take and what to pack.


How Long Does the Trip Last?


Knowing the duration of the trip can help a traveler to understand how much to pack. How much a traveler packs will have an impact on the size of the luggage that is used. While a hold-all is very purposeful, it might not hold as much as a duffel. While a duffel is useful, a suitcase may hold more for longer trips. Luggage that is able to hold formal clothing in a wrinkle-free way may also be necessary. The length of the trip will have an impact on the size and type of luggage that is needed.


What Places Will be Visited?


The destination of the trip is also vital in selecting the right type of luggage. For casual trips, casual luggage is just fine. If a man is on vacation and doing tourist-like things, then a tourist-like appearance is perfectly acceptable. If there will be a lot of business meetings or professional engagements, then a polished, professional look may be mandatory. Canvas luggage is great for casual looks and tourists while leather luggage emits a more professional vibe. Knowing what places will be visited also helps in creating the packing list. Even on a business trip, casual clothes may be necessary if there is intent to visit local tourist attractions.


Plane, Train, or Automobile?


The means of travel can also play a big role in selecting travel luggage. The size of the vehicle and the number of people traveling in it may mean luggage space is limited. Planes and trains might allow for checked luggage, but an automobile requires that there is enough room for the passengers and the luggage in the same immediate space. Keep space and size limitations of the travel method in mind when selecting luggage.


Both men and women have a lot of things to keep in mind when selecting the right luggage for a trip. The type of men’s luggage that should be used can usually be determined by asking the questions listed above. For a more casual trip, cloth or canvas luggage may work fine. For business trips or to make more of a professional impression, try selecting sturdy leather luggage.

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