Corks, Cans and Cardboard: Creative Crafts Kids Can Make From Household Items

Your kids love homemade crafts, but you’re a little stuck for ideas right now. You want to come up with something, and you don’t really want to pay for something that’s premade. You could go to the crafts store but, odds are, you have things around the house that could be recycled into something cool and fun.

You can even make most of these things with your child, videotape the process, and then upload it to YouTube on a private channel for posterity. Then, if your child ever wants the videos, he or she can download them using a program like YTD or just watch them on the web.

DIY Craft Stamps

Kids love stamping things. But, you don’t really want to pay for a professional stamp. If you’ve got some corks laying around the house, and some spare foam, you’ve got yourself some stamps. All you need to do, really, is cut interesting shapes out of Styrofoam and then glue them to the bottom of the cork. Instant stamp. Use existing ink pads you have for your other stamps or stop Walmart or something and pick up a couple of colored ink pads.

Forever Egg Carton Flowers

This is something that you can make, even if you have almost no craft skills to speak of. It’s a new spin on tissue paper flowers. Instead of using tissue paper though, which can be a bit frustrating to work with – especially with children, you use egg cartons, some markers, and green pipe cleaner. You don’t even need scissors, really. Just separate the lid from the egg carton and then separate each individual egg cup from its neighbor by tearing it.

Now, rip up the egg cups so that you kinda-sorta make four sides and then run a green pipe cleaner through the middle. You now have artsy flowers. Put them in a vase and enjoy.

Tin Can Friends

Your kids need more friends? Why not make them some tin can ones. It’s sort of like old-school toys, before there was a plethora of electronic gizmos on the market lighting up, whizzing around, and buzzing all over the house.

The best part about these friends is that they’ll take your kids hours to make – keeping them occupied. A few used soup cans, and some pipe cleaners and assorted craft supplies, and you’re ready to go. Make eyes out of foam, felt, or buy those googly eyes from the craft store. Glue on pipe cleaner for hair. Use a cleaned out tuna can for a hat.

Polka Dot Octopus

The polka dot octopus is easy to put together. First, cut a toilet paper tube in half. Next, glue on felt strips to simulate tentacles. Now, glue on tiny pom poms (you can get these from the craft store). Glue on googly eyes and you’re done.

People Pencil Toppers

If you have some scrap construction paper laying around, this one will give kids hours of enjoyment. Cut two circles and glue them together, leaving a space in the middle to slide a pencil through. Now, decorate them any way you want.

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