Could Medical Marijuana Be Your Missing Link?

When you have suffered for a long period of time with chronic pain, pain that results from either a major illness or a serious injury, you come to a point and time where you reach your wit’s end.

That said the thought of using medical marijuana to help relieve your pain may or may not have crossed your mind up to this point.

If it has, have you then proceeded to do some research on how to go about obtaining a medical marijuana card? In the event the answer is no, knowing the steps to doing so is not all that difficult.

So, stop for a minute and reassess the pain you’ve been in up to this point.

If the pain is due to a recent injury or illness, has your doctor said when you might be able to see a reduction in pain? In the event he or she has indicated this pain is not going away anytime soon, you really should research the idea of adding medical marijuana to your life.

Starting the Process for a Medical Marijuana Card

In order to get the ball rolling on obtaining a medical marijuana card, start by scheduling an online appointment with a physician.

He or she can go over your medical history, why you are seeking a medical marijuana card, and the benefits (along with any possible side effects) of using the drug.

Once that interview (typically less than 30 minutes) is over with, you can expect to hear back within a day or so (maybe even the same day as the interview) as to whether or not you’ve been approved.

If you do get an approval, your next step is determining how you will get medical marijuana.

While you could likely go to a dispensary, you can also consider having it delivered to your residence.

When the time comes for marijuana delivery, be sure that the discussion you had with your physician on how to properly use it still resonates with you. The last thing you want to do is improperly use the drug, something that could lead to harmful side effects for you.

Finally, use medical marijuana as a component of getting the pain to subside, not as the only way to go about it (see more below).

Take an Overall Assessment of Your Life

Even if medical marijuana proves to be a wonder drug for you in lessening the constant pain you have been dealing with, take note, your overall lifestyle plays a major role in all of this too.

For instance, are you getting enough exercise on a regular basis? Perhaps the better question, are you partaking in any exercise?

Unfortunately, the pain will oftentimes only worsen when you have an inactive lifestyle, one wherein you essentially are a couch potato.

Yes, the pain can prove quite excruciating at times, but not having any exercise in your life is simply making matters worse more times than not.

Also look at anyone in your life (family members, friends, co-workers, neighbors you talk to etc.) using medical marijuana.

Ask them how it has impacted their lives, with the answer/s hopefully being that it has lowered the pain levels to one degree or another.

Sure, regular pain from a serious illness or injury can get lots of people down that is both physically and mentally.

Your goal is to always hold out hope that the pain will subside somewhat, perhaps even for good. If it does, you may very well get back to your former self.

With medical marijuana in the game, you could find the drug has been the missing link all along.

Photo credit: KPCC: Southern California Public Radio on Flickr. CC-BY-2.0.

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