Could Your Solar Panels Be Ruining Your Roof? Signs You Need to Look For

Living responsibly means caring for the planet, but it also means caring for your own home. Solar panels can help deflect the cost and reliance on the Earth’s consumption of fossil fuels, but are they damaging your home? Here are some tips for roof restoration that Adelaide homeowners need to consider if they encounter problems with their roofs after an installation of this sort. The first thing is to be able to identify whether damage has occurred. The next step is to figure out how to get the best roof restoration Adelaide can offer.

Roof Restoration: Adelaide-Based Concerns

Are your shingles starting to sag? The simple fact is that solar panels can add extra weight to a roof. Newer construction materials simply aren’t as hardy as they used to be, which can lead to any number of issues when the pressure builds up. If you’re seeing signs of water leakage, sunlight coming through, rot or mould building up in a particular area and creating a dark spot, or a sagging ceiling, this is an indication that damage has occurred. You should check immediately after a severe storm, as this is the best time to see the flaws in your house’s covering.

Installation Is a Culprit Unto Itself

s Damage to rooftops can occur when the installation work is rushed or shoddy. The problem is, the contractor or roofer is long gone before you discover that you’ve got an issue. If workmanship is at fault, you may have some legal recourse to ask for insurance to cover the cost of employing a roof restoration Adelaide service. But either way, the sooner you start repairs the better. Your panel installer should examine the state of your roof to begin with. If you have Cedar shingles that are designed to last only 20 years and have been up for 15, the installer should advise you against putting on panels that are designed to last another 30. They should also understand the flow of water and examine whether it will be acceptable after installation. Always check the credentials and research the testimonials of the company as well as you would any qualified roofer. Internet comment boards are good places to get some helpful advice on roof restoration. Adelaide homeowners can use these sources to do preliminary research.

Scan for Loose Materials and Shingles

This is a sure sign of damage. However, different materials will break differently. Cedar shingles will split and shard in drier climates and develop moss in humid climates. Tiles will crack and likely fall off entirely. Examine for signs of decay. But don’t despair, not every project requires an entire replacement. In most cases, only a repair may be needed. However, it’s advised to use a roof restoration service to deal with your problems rather than doing the work yourself.

Having a roof over your head may be one of the essentials in life, but caring for the environment is definitely part of a life plan as well. Generally, solar panels don’t damage a roof if they’re installed properly and the pre-existing condition of the structure is accounted for. A heavy panel can only make worse a problem that was already there. This is why contacting the right roof restoration expert in Adelaide is essential for putting your mind at ease.

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