Cut your power bill with these 5 energy saving tips

The modern household is filled with energy-hungry electrical appliances that contribute to the dreaded power bill. Heating, cooling and lighting your house can also be an energy intensive practice, but by using these five simple energy saving tips you can save a small fortune off your power bill. For more great energy saving tips visit and before you know it, your power bill could be cut in half or even more.


There are so many energy efficient lighting products on the market now, that there really is no excuse to be using incandescent bulbs or power guzzling halogen down-lights. Replace all your globes with compact fluorescent ones, which last up to ten times longer and use 75 per cent less energy. LED lighting technology is even more efficient and can be used to replace halogen down-lights and save you a bundle. Also, install sensors on your outside lights to reduce their use to when they are really needed.

Heating and cooling

Try to use fans instead of air-conditioning, but if you absolutely must, set the thermostat to about 25 degrees, as this is a perfectly comfortable temperature and much more efficient. Make sure you regularly clean the air filter on you air-con unit and have it serviced once a year before summer. The same applies with your home’s heating system; set it at a moderate temperature and install a programmable thermostat which can adjust the temperature automatically and maximise your energy savings. It also helps maintain a more comfortable household temperature.

Solar energy

Installing solar panels and a solar hot water heater is probably the best way to reduce your energy bills. Depending on the amount of energy you use, you might even end up making money by selling your excess power back to the electricity grid. Consult an expert solar company such as Australian Solar Quotes to see just how much money you can save in the long run by installing modern, efficient solar panels on your roof.


Good insulation is the key to getting the most out of your cooling and heating systems; talk to an installation expert about how best to go about it. Blocking air gaps on doors and windows is also important in maintaining your homes heat efficiency, and installing good quality double glazed glass can stop you loosing or drawing heat through your windows. Use shades to cover sun exposed windows in summer and draw your curtains to retain heat during winter.


Appliances on standby mode continue to guzzle energy, so avoid this by plugging all your appliances in one room into a large power board with a safety cut-off switch. When you are not using the room, turn off all the appliances with one switch on the power board. Install a timer on your hot water heater, so it is not needlessly heating water during the day when you are out, or overnight when you are sleeping. Buy the most energy efficient appliances you can and with things like dishwashers and washing machines, run them on the economy cycle and only when they are full.

By following these few simple tips, you can cut your energy dramatically, and with the help of solar power, you may even be able to cut it to zero. So don’t be complacent; start doing it today and keep your hard earned cash in your pocket and out of the hands of the energy companies.

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