Days Out on a Budget

Has your wallet felt a little thin lately?  Plenty of us are struggling to make ends meet, but that doesn’t need to spoil your valuable quality time with your family. It may feel like all the fun days out in your area cost a fortune, but with some simple adjustments you can save cash and keep your kids entertained.

  • Book in advance. Many popular family destinations offer reduced price tickets if you book ahead of time, or book online instead of at the location itself on the day.
  • Join a club. Days Out UK offers discounts to a variety of family outing locations for a small membership fee.
  • History lovers rejoice! If you frequent spots like the Tower of London and Hampton Court Palace with your family, you can buy a year’s pass with Historic Royal Palaces for £80 rather than spending the high single admission prices each time you go explore.
  • Arrive fashionably late. By visiting some popular tourist hotspots outside of peak time, you can save with lower entry fees.
  • Bring snacks. The cost of packing a picnic from your own cupboards will be significantly lower than sitting down at an overpriced tea room. Make your own sandwiches and bring drinks along to keep your kids fuelled and happy without breaking the bank.
  • Get outdoors. There are many ways to enjoy time together as a family without spending any money at all. Windy day? Take the opportunity to get out and fly a kite. A rare sunny day? Go to your nearest green spot and have a family picnic. Rainy and grey? Pull on the wellies and go splashing in puddles, or set up arts and crafts projects indoors. There’s always fun to be had with your kids, so don’t let lack of cash get in the way.

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