DBA at A Glance: Studying in Hong Kong

For senior executives keen to move forward in their career, studying a Doctorate in Business Administration, especially a DBA in Hong Kong, is a great choice for those looking to develop global business acumen with a strong Asian foundation. A DBA brings the opportunity to learn with academic rigour new skills which are directly transferable to the business world. A DBA is designed for those who are eager to learn, not just how to solve problems, but how to use and develop research methodologies to maximise business potential and propel their career to the next level.


The DBA is taught in countries all around the world, usually on a part-term basis. For people wishing to study full-time, Harvard Business School is the best choice; however, for those with professional commitments, some of the highest-ranking schools are:


1. Manchester Business School (United Kingdom)

2. Maastricht School of Management (Netherlands)

3. Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Hong Kong)

4. Cranfield University (United Kingdom)

5. Grenoble Ecole de Management (France)

6. City University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)

7. Universidad Centrum Catolica (Peru)

8. IE Business School (Spain)


Other outstanding schools can be found in the U.S., Europe and Australia. Each course is designed to challenge and inspire the mind of an ambitious businessman or businesswoman. If you’re looking to study a DBA abroad, it is worthwhile researching these schools to discover where your interests could best be furthered.


With two universities featured in the global top ten, studying for a DBA in Hong Kong may be one of the best choices in location. Both Hong Kong Polytechnic University and City University of Hong Kong are highly competitive by global educational standards and also have firm roots and connections with the Chinese and Asian business community. With Hong Kong as the world’s ninth-largest trading economy, business schools in Hong Kong have long produced world-class leaders.


What do the two schools offer?


In 1996, Hong Kong Polytechnic University was the first school in the region to offer the DBA and has been successfully creating ‘scholar-leaders’ ever since. The acclaimed local and international teaching staff develop students’ research skills through a focused programme of engaged scholarship and evidence-based management techniques. By block teaching with classes on the weekends, students are able to balance their academic and professional lives with the potential to integrate their learning into business practices every day. With an impressive rostra of alumni from various industries, those who study their DBA in Hong Kong Polytechnic University also find themselves a part of a growing network of impressive scholar-leaders. The quality of teaching is unparalleled and with guest speakers from all over the world, it is little surprise that Hong Kong Polytechnic University was ranked 65th in the Top 100 World Rankings of Business Schools by University of Texas.


The City University of Hong Kong’s DBA programme is equally impressive. Again, it is their deep understanding of the Chinese market which sets them apart from European and North American business schools. City University is committed to delivering education that is both reflective and progressive through a combination of lectures, tutorials, and peer-support groups. The specialist departments of Accountancy, Economics and Finance, Information Systems, Management, Management Sciences, and Marketing are led by an international teaching staff with a spiral learning system – right from the very beginning, learning is integrated with thesis proposals. The focus is on collaboration, discussion, and the cross-fertilisation of ideas amongst students from diverse backgrounds.



If you are based in Hong Kong, or nearby in the Asia-Pacific region, or would like to relocate there to study the DBA, Hong Kong is by far one of the best options. The region is home to some of the best business brains in the world. If you’re looking to develop your academic credentials whilst boosting your benefit in business, why not consider the Doctorate in Business Administration to get you where you want to be?



Peter Johnson is a businessman, who has studied Doctorate in Business Administration.


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