Don’t Throw Down Your Leather Gauntlet Gloves At Work

Safety is an essential part of any job site and the number one concern for many. There are many dangerous areas on any given job site with a lot of heavy duty equipment around. Welding is one of the areas where safety plays a very important role. The extreme conditions under which welding takes places means that one small accident could result in major injury, loss of limbs, or even worse the loss of lives. An essential part of the safety equipment required for all welders is of course safety goggles. Another essential item is a pair of leather gauntlet gloves. Your eyes should not be left exposed to the bright flame or high heat temperatures experienced during the process of welding and neither should your hands.

Leather is the obvious choice to provide the necessary protection while still being comfortable to wear. Leather gauntlet gloves are made from high grain, durable, top quality leather. Leather is a durable heavy duty fabric that provides protection and insulation for heavy duty usage in construction and other heavy duty operations such as welding. There are several different types and grades of leather that are used to make leather gloves. This depends on the brand and the activity they are used for. Different types of leather include split leather, pig skin, goatskin, cowhide and grain leather. The different types of leather all have different benefits and advantages, which is why they are used for different applications.


These types of gloves are the most effective for the high heat and extremely high temperatures experienced during welding. Welding gloves perform a very important function in extremely difficult environments. They protect the hand from the various dangers associated with welding including flying sparks, flames and heat. They have to provide adequate protection while not limiting flexibility or dexterity. There are two main types of welding gloves,TIG and MIG. Both deal with inert gases but one is metal inert gases and the other tungsten inert gases. The main differences between the two types of gloves have to do with the look and feel of them.  


There are usually much less sparks flying in TIG welding. As a result, their gloves although durable and heat resistant are usually much less padded than the MIG version. They are lighter in feel and much tighter in their fit, which allow for a lot more flexibility and movement. The MIG gloves in comparison fits loosely and has much more padding and is therefore much bulkier. This feature makes them more cumbersome to operate in and limits the flexibility of the wearer.


The injuries that can result from failure to wear the proper safety equipment during welding are no joke. Burns, cuts, bruises, and amputations can range from mild to severe in nature and can be easily treated or require an extended stay in the hospital. It is therefore very important to make sure you and your employees are protected.


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