Dress Yourself Slimmer

If you’ve just had a baby, or just have a few pounds to lose but no patience for dieting, you can use your wardrobe to slim you down without having to shift any weight at all. A few careful adjustments to what you wear and special purchases will have you looking thinner in a matter of minutes.


Pick your underwear wisely

Bridget Jones may have had the right idea when it came to slimming undergarments. Although body shaping underwear aren’t the prettiest pants out there, they can create a slim, smooth base to work with and make you look thinner without losing a pound. Save the sexier undies for special occasions and you’ll feel more confident about your figure in an instant.


Buy clothes that fit

Although baggy, loose fitting items may feel more comfortable when you’re a bit insecure about your weight, these clothes will actually make you look bigger than you are rather than hiding flaws. Instead, pick well-fitting clothes that flatter your shape, and draw attention to the parts of your body that you like the best.


Go for darker denim

Just as black is famously slimming, darker jean washes will create a slimmer silhouette for your legs. Find a great pair that pick you perfectly and these will be one of the staple items in your wardrobe.


Show off your best bits

If you’re insecure about your hips and bum but like your slim waist, pick outfits that accentuate this area with waist belts or details. If your legs are your best feature, show them off in shorter dresses and accentuate with high heels.


Pick the right shoes

Choosing the right footwear can make a huge difference to your overall style, and to the way your body looks in any given outfit. If you can stand to walk in them, heels will always make your legs look slimmer, more toned and of course add some height, and a bold colour or design can draw attention to your feet and away from areas you don’t like. Avoid ankle straps and clunky flats or sandals, and you’ll look slimmer overall.


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