Dressing Your Toddler


Although toddler clothing may not have the “awww” factor that your child’s tiny 0-3 months baby clothing may have had, its still possible to create adorable outfits for your growing rascal. Whether you’re a fan of mini-adult designer looks or colourful, clashing prints, dressing your toddler doesn’t have to be a daily struggle.


Let them decide

Although your child will certainly be too young to have a fully-fledged fashion sense, one of the key aspects of this phase of development is the formation of some independence. Your toddler wants to try everything and do it themselves, so let them; allow your little one to pick out a few of their own clothing items from the shops, and then teach them how to put the clothing on themselves. It’s always worth looking for clothes that are easy to pull on and off for this reason.


Keep it comfortable

Although they may not look like a little baby anymore, your toddler’s skin is still very sensitive and soft, and deserves to be treated with care. Go for soft, cotton fabrics for your toddler’s clothes, and stay away from anything too scratchy or synthetic. The clothes also need to be comfortable enough to run around and get messy in, so keep this in mind when choosing items, and avoid expensive outfits that will tear easily or get ruined quickly.


Get the sizing right

Toddlers grow fast, all the time. Buying something with a little room to grow into is always wise, and buying clothes second hand can be a great way of keeping within a tight budget if you’re not up for spending a fortune on things that your child will grow out of quickly anyway. Try charity shops, online sellers and sale racks to stretch your money a little further; your child won’t know the difference, and the odds are they’ll look adorable in whatever you put them in, anyway!

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