Easy Ways to Connect with Your Children

As a parent, it’s easy on some days to go through life doing all the things you are required to do and assume that you are really getting to know your children.  Many parents face the 2 a.m. fear that they simply aren’t connecting with their kids, despite being good providers and caregivers.  It’s difficult with everything that you are asked to do to find ways to get down on your child’s level and really get to know them.


Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be as complicated as it seems, and doesn’t have to involve hours out of your day.  Even half an hour in the morning can give you and your child the connection you need to grow your special bond.


Take Every Chance to Talk to Each Other


You may be tired of hearing about her princess dolls, but they are still the center of her world.  It’s easy to tune your kids out when they aren’t talking about something you are interested in, but they are quick to pick up when mom and dad aren’t really paying attention.


Every day, spend ten minutes having a conversation with your child.  This doesn’t have to include anything deep and important, just talking about the things that they care about.  If you run out of things to talk about, read a book and discuss the ultimate meaning behind it. Many children love books that allow them to place themselves in a fantasy world, and you can learn more about your child by immersing yourself in his or her imaginary world. I recently purchased a personalized book from My Chronicle Books for my child because it made my child feel as if that book was only meant for him. It adds a bit of a personal touch to his already wild imagination.


Connect through Meals


Moms know how frustrating mealtime can be, because there is rarely a time when everybody likes what you’ve made for dinner.  Because everyone is already hungry and a little bit cranky, meal time may erupt quickly and leave you desperate for some quiet time in the bathtub.


Done right, dinner time presents you with the perfect opportunity to connect with your kids.  Research suggests that children are less likely to participate in unhealthy activities like drinking, smoking and drugs when the family dines together each evening.  You may not think your lasagna is making much of a difference, but you’re meeting an emotional need your kids may not even know they have.


Individual Date Nights


Once the family grows and adds a few kids, it’s difficult to get one on one time with each child.  The oldest and youngest seem to benefit from the time they have with you while the others are gone, but the middle children often suffer and feel neglected and ignored.


Plan one on one date nights with your kids, and alternate between both parents.  During your date night, take your child to do something they love to do.  Even a simple outing to get ice cream can seem like a dream come true for a child that has been feeling ignored.  Date nights don’t even have to be rewards and can come as a way to correct behavior.  If you need a chance to talk to your child about something they’re struggling with, there is no better way to get them to open up than to invest a little bit of time in them.

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