Egg Donation – Which Destination Should You Choose?


Egg donation abroad

These days it is not uncommon for infertile couples to travel abroad for IVF with donor eggs. This phenomenon is often called medical tourism, and it is definitely worth taking into consideration if you are planning to undergo egg donation. The number of assets of donor egg IVF abroad greatly outweighs the minuses.

Egg donation in many other countries is much more affordable than in the UK or USA. However, cheaper prices don’t signify lower quality of treatment and services. Egg donation clinics all over the world offer most up-to-date methods of assisted fertility treatments at very high standards, comparable to those in the UK and USA. What’s more, in the hour of cheap flights and accommodation, the overall cost of egg donation treatment abroad is, in most cases, still very affordable.

Popular destinations for IVF with donor eggs

Nowadays there is an abundance of fertility clinics offering IVF with donor eggs. Some of the most popular destinations are Greece, the Czech Republic, Poland and Russia. Those countries definitely draw patients in by very affordable prices and, usually, reasonably high success rates.

Amongst the top countries for IVF is also Spain, which definitely has many pluses as an egg donation destination. While it isn’t the cheapest of places in terms of IVF, Spain seems to be chosen very often. Spanish clinics perform about half of all egg donation cycles in Europe. People choose to have egg donation in Spain because of the very high quality of services, high success rates, years of experience of the country’s clinics and numerous and trustworthy donors bases.

The success rates for IVF with donor eggs in Spain vary from clinic to clinic, but there are some average numbers to be found on the Internet. IVF with fresh eggs oscillates around 58%, while with frozen eggs it is about 53%. As far as prices of egg donation in Spain are concerned, one cycle of IVF with fresh eggs costs on average 7,000 EUR, although prices start at around 5,500 EUR. Cycles of in vitro with frozen eggs are slightly more expensive. Although the costs may be discouraging for some, bear in mind that there are plenty of reasons why Spain has become a leading destination for IVF treatment.

How to find a trustworthy egg donation clinic abroad?

The process of finding a good and trustworthy egg donation clinic isn’t the easiest of things, but it is doable. Most people take into consideration costs, quality of treatment, success rates and experience of the medical team. Of course, there are also other things to bear in mind, such as location and facilities, but it all depends on what you want and need.

If you feel like finding an egg donation clinic might be a problem for you, why not check It is a site dedicated to people searching for a good but affordable egg donation clinic. On it you can find a database with clinics from various countries, including egg donation clinics in Spain. More importantly, you will also find opinions from patients who have undergone treatment in a given clinic.

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