Emotional Health in Pregnancy

It’s well known that taking care of your body during pregnancy is crucial for you and your baby. What many women forget, however, is the importance of their emotional health during the rollercoaster of pregnancy. The hormonal, physical and social changes of pregnancy can all bring mixed emotions. Keep an eye on your mental health and both you and your little one will benefit.

  • Watch out for antenatal depression. Though postnatal depression may be more widely known and understood, about 10-20% of women suffer with some degree of depression during their pregnancy. Symptoms can include feeling unusually down most of the time, fatigue and hopelessness. If you’re not feeling the ‘glow’ and excitement that you feel you should be, don’t be too hard on yourself. Talk to your doctor or midwife as soon as possible to access support. Help is available and you don’t have to suffer in silence.
  • Stay active. Exercise is good for keeping your body in shape throughout your pregnancy, and also has been proven to improve mood and reduce stress. Yoga, walking and swimming are all great activities to help keep your mind clear.
  • Talk to others. There are plenty of online forums and message boards buzzing with pregnant women discussing everyday ups and downs; consider joining one and connecting with others if you’re feeling isolated. Offline, stay connected with friends and family and share your emotions with them, and consider joining a pregnancy support group if you feel you’d like more like-minded women to talk to. This can help ease loneliness and keep you social.
  • Stay calm. Do as much as you can to relax during this tumultuous time. Aside from being unpleasant for you, stress has been shown to cause problems during pregnancy. Meditation can be a great way to unwind and breathe. Journaling can also help release tension. Try and take breaks in your day to check in with yourself and take some deep breaths; the more you relax, the better you’ll feel.

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